One Of A Kind Love 2

One Of A Kind Love 2


Thanksgiving with Capri’s family was wonderful with their days filled with passion and laughter. However, as the days drew nearer for their return back to their lives in New York, Beau and Capri were both faced with the glaring question: What’s next? They weren’t the only ones asking that same question. When Capri’s father, Henry, pulled Beau aside to ask, he had to admit that he didn’t really know how to overcome Capri’s dominating personality to reach her heart. But Beau was sure that, if she remained the way she was, there would be no future for them. 

Beau knows he has her body, but can he earn her heart? Will Capri’s fears of the past keep her from letting down her walls and learning to trust? Not to mention the tainted outside influence of her friend, Shantel, and the fact that Beau isn’t who he really says he is. Will all this rip them apart?

One of A Kind Love 2 promises to be an honest, humorous, sensual conclusion to the relationship of two alphas that desire to be loved but, until now, weren't willing to fight for it.



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