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“I love you.”

Carmella smiled at his confession.

“And I hate you,” he chuckled. “Not because of what you’ve done…no.”

“Then why-“

“Baby, you need to stop thinking that it’s about you when my mind was this way even before I met you, Carmelle. You’ll survive me if you remember that,” he warned.


Mateo hates her, loves her, needs her in this dark romance. Carmella betrayed him, when he was at his lowest point. Revenge was clearly on his mind. Yet, he awakes a part of her that births a hunger for his wife that surprises him. Now, this wicked game, of Mateo's own design, he's forcing her to play will push him to a limit he never wanted to go...and might destroy them both.


When Carmella realizes the truth, will she be able to get away from Mateo and his Tainted Love?


Tracie ‘Beanie’ Sullivan has a lot to make up for when it comes to her son, Carter. From being a teen mom who couldn’t stop partying to become the mother he needed, to the years it took her to get sober and off drugs, the scars done by her are deep. However, life has shown her the error of her ways and she’s back to prove to the only person that matters that she’s ready to be the person she wasn’t in the past. No matter what others may say, Tracie has changed. A new job, a new walk, a new talk are just the beginning. When Carter asks Tracie to be the coach of his team to save the season, she speaks before thinking it over. Thinking it was football, she’s floored to realize it’s hockey. Too late to back out, and not wanting to prove everyone right about her giving up, she steps into a world of slap shots and chaos.

Cha Ridley Seung knows a thing or two about the game, but he gave up a promising career to happily build his real estate empire. The icing on the cake was being able to be a full-time dad to his daughter once his wife passed. He’s the team dad that all the moms, married and single, have been chasing relentlessly. Unable to turn a blind eye to Tracie’s struggle at becoming her son’s star, he offers to help her.

Wanting only a helping hand, Tracie refuses to allow herself to believe that Ridley is offering her more than just friendship, but the more time she spends with him, could there be more behind his smile, the mischief in his brown eyes, or his touch that seems to get her heart racing. Can Tracie really forgive herself for her past mistakes to experience real love? Is Ridley finally ready to let his late wife go?


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To dates, I have 60 books published. If you are stuck on the order of which to read, here's a list. 

Starting with my  pen name SAPPHIRE

The Order: 

Don't Tell My Husband Series
Falling For an Alpha Billionaire Series
Consumed By Love
Extraordinary Love; Angie and Levi's Series

One Of A Kind Love Series



The Billionaire Mob Wife
Pursued; A Billionaire Obsession
Sweet Obsession; Her Beast, His Beauty
Dirty; Loving Him Against The Odds
No One Can Love You Like I Can Series
Irish Heat; Claiming His Heart
Relentless; A Vampire King's Desire Series
Fated To Love
Fated To Be Mine
Fated To Bleed
Fated Till The End

Unchain My Heart; Edwin and Jenalle Romance
Tainted Love
Forbidden Lust
Don't Walk Away; Elmo and Christine Romance
Blindsighted By Love; Cujo and Rhi's Romance
Enjoying Mr. Hardwood Series
Case File:01- The Pervert, The Monster, and The Sex-Bot
Case File:02- The Savage, The Pretenders, and The Hunch, Punch Train

Case File:03- The Fool, The Scrooge, and The Slutty Elf On The Shelf

Case File:04- The Damned, The Jackal, And The Cocopuff Pimp

Book 5- The Twisted King, The Naive Lover, and The House OF Joy And Pain

A Desert King's Obsession Series

I'll Be Good To You

Case File:06- The Disgruntle Pumpkins, The Five Live Crew, and The Halloween Of Whores Patch

Just Say Yes

Make It Last

A Chance At Loving You

Die Without You

 Case File: 07: - The Bohemian Sherlock, The Unhinged Watcher, and The Sophisticated Piranha


Christmas Merger

Christmas Made To Order

Breaking The Girl; A BWWM BDSM

Breaking The Girl 2, Claudio's Heart

Breaking The Girl 3, Wolf's Devotion

Make You Love Me (Written as Lilith McCall)

Practicing At Loving You

Make You Love Me 1 &2 (Written as Lilith McCall)

Loving The Pieces of You

Loving The Pieces of You 2

Loving The Pieces of You 3

Give Me A Reason To Stay

Loving The Pieces of You 4

Love Don't Live Here

A Perfect Christmas Wish

Keagan Handcuff & Lace: Case File-09

If you read in this order, you'll catch all the clues, and will know all the back stories of the people when they pop up. Happy Reading!

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