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“On the first day of Christmas, Monae screws me over with a body overboard. On the third day of Christmas, Monae found a body in a trunk. On the sixth day of Christmas, hell I’m ready to throw the holiday away. What should have been rest and lots of T & A has become three cases that’s sapping me of my Christmas cheer and turning this jolly soul into a Grinchy SOB.”- KEAGAN

Keagan is back with THREE New Christmas themed mysteries. Get your notes and red string ready for one helluva cheerful, bloody ride.

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27-year-old Georgian had no clue that as she struggled to keep herself together after the loss of both her mother and later grandmother, the pale blue eyes of the Vampire King had been watching her with a deep desire that now, no longer would be denied.



"You see, I had it all planned out. While working to keep these rich idiots safe, I was going to use the 48 hours to get Monae to open up and give me a taste of honey. Then enters fuck-boy Justin, followed by my conniving Ex- Wife, and everything turns to shit. Even still, I'll be damned if I let these fools fuck up what I'm trying to build with Monae. Then again, if I can't stay sober long enough to see through all the smoke and mirrors, I might cause more damage than these two assholes ever could."- KEAGAN

The murders are all said to be elaborate acts on the Halloween Mystery Train, but the with why Keagan's is being testing, he just might end up getting his hands bloody. 
Besides, when you mix the powerful, the rich, every drug known to man, and a helluva lot of booze, you're bound to create a cocktail of death.



MJ should have known she couldn't love this man and leave him. It was something about his touch that sent her up in flames. His turquoise eyes gave a promise of satisfaction that created a fear that she should have listened to. No, MJ thought when she walked away the mysterious Mr. Hardwood would be reduced to a man that she would conjure up in the darkness. However, their time of lust over 9 years ago left a lasting mark.

When Mr. Hardwood lays his gaze upon MJ years later, he's shocked by what he sees. Now more than ever, he's hell bent to make MJ his, no matter the cost. However, will the price be too damn high when he realizes MJ is a lot more than what she seems?

"Who the hell have I been messing with? Who the hell was this woman that was glaring at me? I always bragged about being able to get a read on people. I claim to be the chief hustler, but for some odd reason, I get the feeling I’m the one being bamboozled. Like ice melting to reveal the ground underneath, that’s how the transformation of MJ unfolds before me. The way her almond shape eyes narrow gives way to a cunningness that I hadn’t seen before." - Mr. Hardwood

MY life, MY way, and nobody, NOBODY will ever make me believe otherwise. If that’s the case, then why the hell am I placing this damn diamond ring on the trembling finger of this woman? Why the hell did I just sign my freedom away without a second thought? Oh, I’ll say it’s because my bossy ass father threatened me, or I’m doing it for the sake of her, when I could give two shits about the feelings and reputation of any of the countless women that I’ve ran through. I’ll keep up with the lie that I was too drunk to realize that the woman I took back to my room was the pimple faced girl that I used to take pleasure in bullying as a boy, which is what pushed both of us into this shotgun wedding.

For years, I’ve wanted, lusted, dreamed of her touch. Never thought to be good enough, sloppy seconds is what I’ve wasted my time on, but the hunger for her, has never dimmed.

I read somewhere that the Wheel of Fate is always turning, giving us opportunities at love, if we’re willing to take it. Now, the question is, am I man enough to step up to take it? Can I actually keep my dick out of the mouth of the next bitch to hold the line? And will Kimie ever fall for a piece of shit like me?

If you are a fan of Christine Gray's romances, you are going to fall in love with her new books penned under her NEW NAME, Lilith McCall





“It would’ve been the highlight of your career,” Calvin muttered as he gazed down at his dress shoes, shaking his head. I can’t seem to get over that. How dare he act as if I need him? Me?! I’m a most sought-after celebrity chef. I’ve busted my butt to become a worldwide name, and for him to act as if I would be missing out if I didn’t cater his Christmas event is outrages. Pompous! That’s what Mr. Calvin Dean is. Then again, I shouldn’t be too shocked, him being a famous actor. The title of, Sexiest Man, must have gone to his head. Well, I know how to deal with him. “As I said, I won’t change my plans to personally host your Christmas dinner, but I will be more than happy to train you so you can dazzle your guests,” I grin. Ha! That will shut him up. “You got a deal, Ms. Warren!”

CALVIN- I wasn’t wrong when I noticed the slight frown of her full lips when I agreed to the training. It was obvious she had thought my entitled self would strike down the suggestion. Nope! I was going to take it no matter what. For my own personal reasons, but also to call her bluff. Then there’s my desire to see if the strength she showed in refusing me was a one-off, or was that spunk her normal? At any rate, I see now that I should have just let Marquitta walk out of my life because I’ve bitten off more than I can handle.




Bitter rivals since high school, Cooper and Felisa have been going head to head in business, and the annual Christmas Festival for years. It never fails for things to get out of hand whenever the two are in close quarters.
Things only get worse when to save their sinking companies, a business merger is proposed. Being in each other's face on a daily only serves to increase the opportunities for comical moments, fights that get the town talking and taking bets, and strokes the flames of a sizzling romance that's been years in the making

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