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Callie had always been giving and trusting, willing to do anything for her husband, Jared. From dropping out of college to pay for his education, to signing over her business to him, to even accepting his mistress, Megan….But everyone has a breaking point.

Determined to gain her freedom, Callie reestablished her partnership with an old friend and went back to the job that started it all…the only work she was good at: an adult phone operator. She had her goal in sight until Waylan called her line and totally shook up her world.

After Waylan finds out her identity by accident, Callie has a choice: have her husband, Jared, find out about her late night occupation, or take Waylan up on his offer to spend a week full of erotic fantasies with him. But a lot can happen in seven days…

Will Callie drop her no good, cheating husband for the opportunity to get freaky with Waylan or continue to be the “good wife” and endure Jared’s adulterous ways?

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Janelle has position, money and a dominating attitude. She has everything a woman could want...except love. Falling in love had brought her nothing but hurt, scars, and a broken heart. She wasn't interested in love.

Unfortunately, her father, Cliffton Baxter, did not agree with her choice to live her life on her own terms and chose to interfere. When she meets Edwin, she is reluctant to let go and be wooed by his charm and good looks. However, she soon finds that some things even her stubborn attitude and cool demeanor cannot combat.

Edwin is the ultimate Alpha Billionaire. He has the looks, the connections, the money and the reputation of being able to get whatever woman he set out to claim. He was just the one to overcome Janelle's defense and aversion to being loved, according to Mr. Baxter. And if he's lucky, Edwin would be an even richer man if he accomplishes his mission to win her heart.

Edwin takes on the challenge, thinking that it will be an easy way to increase his wealth and maybe provide him with some entertainment in the process. Unfortunately, he greatly underestimated Janelle's allure and the power of love.


Primrose longed to be freed from her cage like prison and Dante, the rich, handsome Moroccan, appeared to be the key. Everything was going as she had dreamed it would. Long days and even longer, passionate nights in his arms, until she finally saw the truth behind his irresistible charm.

When the tiny messenger, Indigo, showed up at the estate in Italy, Frannie and Duchess knew that there was something wrong. The girl recited the words she had been entrusted to deliver; “Madame says she's in need of your help to get back something that was stolen. She said she's not being petty, but she has found out that the item is in danger of being damaged or worse, destroyed.”

Duchess and Fran set off, without the others, for a place that is all too familiar to them both; their home. A home that they had both vowed to protect, but never to return to again which happens to be the most exclusive Brothel in the world.

Join Blaze, Collier, and the rest of the family as they follow the trail of these two ladies to figure out what the hell is going on which will cause hidden truths to be told, people to reunite, and gaping wounds to be healed as Fran and Duchess revisit old foes and new friends as they vow to do whatever it takes in this one last ride for the Lin Chen family and the other characters that made their stories so damn forgettable.




What can I say about Detective Levi Olsen? From the moment, five months ago, when he stepped off the elevator and into my life, he has rocked my world. He has a swag about him that's mysterious and dangerous at the same time. At first, I didn't understand why he had such a fear of losing control until he showed me his secret. Even then, I found myself being drawn to him like a moth to a flame. He didn't care about the jaded life style I was born into. I couldn't have asked for a better man. At least that's what I thought, until he disappeared with the woman I hated most, Nevaeh.

How could Levi betray me? I had hopes of us becoming a happy family, but there's no way in hell, I could stay. Then again...maybe it's better this way. There's so much more to me than he realizes. If he knew all of my secrets, I'm sure he would second guess his decision to be with me, just like with all my other failed relationships before him. All of my time and energy needs to be spent on being there for my daughter, Luna.


If Angie thinks that I'm going to sit by and let her get away from me, she's out of her damn mind. I've waited and prayed for someone like her to come into my life. Other women thought they could handle me and my past, but when I showed them, they all ran away. All of them, except, Angie. In fact, my true self excited her. Even after I got over the initial shock of her daughter, I accepted Luna because she is a part of Angie. Now, if she thinks I'm going to let the vengeful lies of one woman come between us, then I'll have to prove Angie wrong. She belongs to me! I'm willing to use any means to show her that; even if it means doing something that may have her questioning my loyalty, as long as I know that it's best for her in the end.



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It took many years for 35-year-old Trish to finally admit that her marriage was dead and the man she had married was one big ass. Now, determined to restart her life, she relocates back to Atlanta. While there, she began making money buying and selling real estate...and then came Brayden.

Trish was shocked to find the awkward boy she recalled from her youth had grown into the handsome, rich man with the Barry White voice. His eyes spoke a promise of fulfilling her every sexual desire but there was one problem. He was white, which was new to her. And, even if she decided to try something new, what she doesn't know is that Brayden has a secret that he doesn't want her to find out about.

From the day Trish walked into the gym with her three children, Brayden had set his sights on making her his. All he had to do was wait for the right opportunity to put his plan into motion. With every meeting, every date, every touch, he found himself wanting Trish more and more, although she resisted. Will he be able to hold on to her and the love he's found after she finds out the truth about him? Will she walk away? Or will she love Brayden against all odds?'



Beau should have known by the way she carried herself that Capri was a force to be wrecked with. The way she put him in his place one day while on the plane should have been all the evidence he needed to leave her alone. However, after he got over his initial shock, it was brought to his attention by his friend, Caspian, that he needed Capri to seal some very important business deals. 

When Beau spied what she was wearing under her clothes, he knew then that she wasn't the normal woman. She had a way about her that was strong and dominating, which he could put up with, if the outcome was to his liking. 

But if she thought Beau was willing to be her boy toy, then Capri has another thing coming. And he was going to enjoy proving it her, one erotic experience at a time that he was not like all the others. Of course, he'd also have to deal with Monica, his conniving ex-wife, showing up in an attempt to putting a stop to his fun, but for some reason...he thought Capri could hold her own.




Calico always looked out for her older brother, Rush, and did as he asked even if, in her mind, she cursed him to high heaven. It was no different when he told her that he had a new friend coming into town and wanted her to treat him right because he could open doors for her. As always, she smiled but she had her own plans. However, those plans went out of the window when she saw the handsome, sun-kissed, blue-eyed Italian, Andreas. Suddenly, the idea of a having a little fun for one night didn’t seem that bad after all.

Andreas was used to people trying to hook him up in the hopes of getting in his good favors, so the fact that Rush was throwing his sister at him was nothing new. However, that all changed when he realized that the gray-eyed, chocolate beauty had no idea who he really was. He was shocked when their night of fun and sex ended with her thanking him for "his services" as she walked out of his life.

Two years later, crazy circumstances brought him back into her life with Andreas now being forced to protect her from the mess that her brother, Rush put her in. After being given another chance, Andreas is determined to make Calico his. However, when the truth comes to light that Andreas is one of the five powerful Italian Dons of Miami, will Calico stay to be The Billionaire’s Mob Wife?

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Powerful, fierce and independent, Cashmere thought that she had all she needed although she was lacking when it came to love. When she's placed in a situation that pushes her towards finding a worthwhile partner in order to keep her wealth, she doesn't hesitate to make a choice out of survival instead of love. And all was perfectly planned out until Pike strolled through her door. This man is everything she wanted, but letting her logic rule, she ignores him, knowing that giving herself to him would take her to a place of no return.

Pike had done his best to not cross the line Cashmere had drawn in the sand to just remain friends. Although knowing that she isn't his normal type, he still wanted her more than words could explain. When he found out about Cashmere's plan to find a lover, he was determined to be the only man to touch her, and to give her what she wanted, plus a whole lot more. The more Pike spends time with Cashmere, the more she pushes him away but it does nothing to satisfy his hunger for her. Pike is willing to pursue Cashmere, no matter the cost to obtain his obsession.



27-year-old Laykta didn't know how she was going to get out of her arranged marriage but she knew she would do anything to have the future she envisioned...even if it meant creating a scandal to get it. She had told herself that her plan was flawless, that all she had to do was have a few pictures taken with her caught in the act, and all her troubles would go away. Unfortunately, she hadn’t counted on Brick stumbling into the room instead of the paid actor.

Brick is the kind of wealthy man that didn’t mind paying for his pleasure. What should have been a simple night of passion became chaos under the blinding lights of the paparazzi’s cameras. Stunned, Brick found himself gazing down into the eyes of, not his lover, but Laykta, the woman that had disappeared from his life long ago.

Now, to save her reputation and her life, Brick has agreed to marry her. Given this chance once again, he’s determined to possess her. He's willing to battle her demons to win her heart, but will he be able to overcome his own?



"I’m tired, Olivia. I’m tired of playing the game and never really getting the full reward while you can only play it for so long before your true nature shines through. I wonder if you’re mad because you finally know the truth about me, or is it because I’m leaving you,” mumbled Forrester.

Forced into a marriage when they were teens, Olivia never really grew up. Even now, she was still a reflection of the back biting, pompous, girl that was more focused on her social life than her family. In spite of Forrester being strong armed into marrying her years ago, he had always secretly desired Olivia whom pursued him for her own self motives. Now older, Forrester is at his breaking point. He’s willing to trade his one true love for peace and the willing arms of a more appealing, younger woman.

When dangers at home forces the couple back to Ireland, the place where it all started, and the people Olivia hurt by leaving behind, will it be enough to bring about a change in her? Can they rekindle the flames of passion? Or will their love be lost forever. With the help from their sons, Pike and Brick this love story promises to set the pages ablaze from so much… Irish Heat!


"Man, you need to let that go. I’m telling you… you won’t be able to pull yourself back from that one…trust me.”

Jakobe tilted his head. He became real serious.

“Are you speaking from experience?”

“No! I know my limits,” replied Major.

Every step he took to reach Nakida across the room, his friend’s warning seemed to repeat in Jakobe's mind about him just leaving her alone. He had to admit, this woman was more woman than any he had fucked around with before. She might not have the same number of zeros in her checking account as he did, but the way she handled herself with him would make a person think otherwise. She had a strength about her that said she was near unbreakable. Even still, he knew there was a variability about her that she chose to hide. There was a sadness, a longing that she hid behind her cold smile. Her intelligence was almost blinding to behold. 

Jakobe pushed down the voice that rose its ugly head to tell him that he was out of his depth. The voice said that she wasn’t going to take his shit. The voice that said that this woman would be able to see with her sharp eyes, the man underneath the riches. It said that she might be the one to actually touch his heart.



"I had told Mateo to keep that rabid bitch away from me. I should have known from that weak ass nod he gave me that he was just saying what I wanted to hear to make me shut the fuck up. Shit!! All these years, I hadn't seen her. Even while working for Mateo, I kept my distance. hands are trembling, and I know it ain't all anger that got me sweating. I'm a fool for still wanting this woman. Christine is a nightmare that I have as a recurring dream still to this day. The pain, the scars, the sex. She was my first kiss, my first orgasm, my first love from my youth that I can't shake... but I just don't think my heart can take it or my fucking sanity. No, NEVER again. Yeah, I know I don't sound too damn convincing."- ELMO

For different reasons, Life has stepped in to allow Elmo and Christine to reclaim what was cruelly taken away; their child. Now, secrets of the past are revealed that will bring pain of the truth. Will a looming danger in the present, rekindle a passion they both don't want to acknowledge? With this second chance being offered, will Elmo and Christine walk away?



Rhiannon is a sweet piece of chocolate dipped in mystery, and Cujo knew he had to get a taste. Imagine his surprise when he found out the woman was moving in across the street. He could barely hide his wicked grin when Javier knocked on his door asking for a favor.

“Listen,” Javier began. “Do me a favor by keeping an eye on her and the kids.”
Dropping the act, Cujo’s smile vanished. “I ain’t into babysitter your side bitch.”
Javi scoffed. "I saw the way you were sweatin' her. Go for it. You got my blessing all the damn way, but I got to warn you against it,” added Javier. 
“Well, I ain’t falling in love, Javi. I just want to get it wet,” laughed Cujo. 
Javier rolled his eyes. “That’s what all the good ones say before the cherry has them catching feelings,” he grumbled as he strolled away.

Cujo never would have thought the more he worked to get into Rhiannon's panties, the more he would find himself falling for the damaged woman. When what Ri's been running from tracks her down, Cujo is willing to lay it all on the line in hopes that after all her demons are banished, she will give him want he realizes he so desperately wants; Her Love.

**Author's Note: Please read DON'T WALK AWAY; Elmo and Christine Romance before reading. Events from their book are featured within this book. To ensure you have an enjoyable read, please do so.***


AFTERHOURS_mr hardwood 2.jpg

MJ should have know she couldn't love this man and leave him. It was something about his touch that sent her up in flames. His turquoise eyes gave a promise of satisfaction that created a fear that she should have listened to. No, MJ thought when she walked away the mysterious Mr. Hardwood would be reduced to a man that she would conjure up in the darkness. However, their time of lust over 9 years ago left a lasting mark.

When Mr. Hardwood lays his gaze upon MJ years later, he's shocked by what he sees. Now more than ever, he's hell bent to make MJ his, no matter the cost. However, will the price be too damn high when he realizes MJ is a lot more than what she seems?

"Who the hell have I been messing with? Who the hell was this woman that was glaring at me? I always bragged about being able to get a read on people. I claim to be the chief hustler, but for some odd reason, I get the feeling I’m the one being bamboozled. Like ice melting to reveal the ground underneath, that’s how the transformation of MJ unfolds before me. The way her almond shape eyes narrow gives way to a cunningness that I hadn’t seen before." - Mr. Hardwood



Life just keeps kicking me in the balls. This time, the son of a bitch has lodged my sack so far up my ass, I'm choking with every swallow. You see, I'm at the end of my rope. I refuse to go back to jail so being king of the streets is out. Now that my family has found out about my side hustle as a porn star, I got no choice but to go on this damn interview. Now, here comes the nut buster...the job brings me face to face with the one person I never wanted to see again. My plans to end it all is sure ass hell looking good right about now.- EOIN

I swore to God and the Saints that I would never be in the same room with his punk ass again. Now, this asshole isn't just breathing the same air as me, but he's invading my space. Who is he to try to reform me? In spite of all the bullshit he and I share, why one second I want to back slap that wise ass smirk off his face? Then in the next heartbeat, one glare from his eyes and his open invitation to finally put all the school rumors to test has my panties all wet... and all I want is to Say Yes? -ABRIL



This sizzling romantic, drama filled, comedy will have you rooting for these two dysfunctional people, while giving you a hit of lust from previous Fictional Boyfriends such as Jakobe, Elmo, Cujo, and Lucian, and yes, Johnny Thicke with deleted content that didn't make it into their books and updates, too!


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4 weeks. 31 days is all I have to bask in a life that can never be mine. Never. It's nonsense. To a man like me, that's all that it calculates to. To be told that I can't have what I want is like saying the sands of the desert isn't hot.

"I'm never going to be yours," is what she claimed the last time I spoke to her. "It can never be a you and me. You know that, right?"

I actually think she believed that. However, as I said before, I don't take kindly to being told no....not when it comes to the woman that I love, the woman that I've waited to make my own...the woman that I know wants me too.

Chione has no idea that the hunter in me loves it when she runs. Silly girl should have learned by now that I am the crowned Sheikh Shahid Rajput, and I will get my bride!



"Tia Symone Jefferies! From the moment I glimpsed her while rubbernecking my friend's IG feed, I've been working my ass off to get her to notice me. After investing a month and creating 6 fake Instagram accounts, I'm starting to get really pissed. You know I must be desperate if I'm using a cheesy Celebrity Reality Show to get her attention.

I was so confident when she laid eyes on me, Johnny Thick, the #1 R&B singer, the white man with the Luther Vandross voice, her panties were going to drop. Yet, Tia used her wit and sharp tongue to read me to the point that I forgot my left from my right.

"I'm out of your league," she laughed with pity in her eyes for me before she left me looking like Bow-Bow The Clown.

Me? Me? I'm selling out stadiums, breaking charts, and she thinks... I don't care that she's 10 years older than me. For once, I'm going to enjoy chasing a woman when usually women are fighting to get between my sheets.

Yes, I'm going to break Tia down until I'm her new favorite drug. I just wish to God I had realized going in that I'm going to lose my heart fucking this damn woman." - Johnny Thicke




“Do me a favor.”

Four words to fuck up my already fucked up world. Although I’m dealing with enough shit, my dumb ass agrees. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would be standing face to face with her; the Naomi Henson. Oh, the countless times I wacked off to her growing up. I should be on a cattle drive, yet here I am, training her to ride horses for a role. I don’t doubt my friend asked for this ‘favor’ knowing damn well I wouldn’t pass up the chance of possibly teaching Naomi how to ride a beast of my own. It’s Austin’s way of forcing me stick around, to deal with people that are more like lingering shit on the bottom of my boots.
Yeah, it’s time I dealt with these fucker of the past…and hopefully, I’ll get a sweet piece of Naomi as my reward.

Washed up. Has been. Past her prime. All the phrases that has been used to describe me and my acting career. I guess you can add reformed crack head and whore to the list, too. No one is to blame. Well, many are, but complaining won’t change the nature of the beast that says that a man in this industry can work till he’s wheeled out, with wrinkles and a shady past. However, a female actress, no matter how great her talent, has a limited shelf life. The doors her age doesn’t close, her mistakes being played out in a constant loop will. I faced the hard facts that it’s a man’s world in Hollywood a long time ago. Being 42 years young is a death sentence in the industry.
Yet, here I am. Completely godsmacked at the offer of the role of the century. We’re talking leading lady, Oscar worthy. Then fast forward to-

“Can you make it last?”

What the hell am I saying? I’m here to train for my comeback role, not for whiskey and a roll in the hay. Now this good looking, tall, 48 year old joker that seems to say all the right lines from the raunchiest Native American romance novels is fucking me up. Zahn Ewing needs to get a clue. I’m just faking it in hopes that I make it, again. If he knew, I mean really knew my history, my secret, he would understand why I pop pills just to be able to look at myself in the mirror. He would understand why I, of all people, don’t deserve a second chance at anything…and I damn sure don’t deserve the likes of him.



"Come on man, why not take a chance?"

That's the question that's been knocking around in my head since boarding the plane for Vegas. From Zahn to Phil, Dani's dad, all seem to think my old, whorish ass can settle down. Me, I know I'm a piece of shit. I know Dani can do better. Yeah, she's been in love with me and confessed it on the eighteenth birthday. Yet, I vowed to never go there. Years later, I still refuse to give into the my mounting attraction.

At least, that's what I told myself. When the hell did Dani become such a force of nature? Fuck it all. I'm about to raise a few eyebrows and cause tongues to wag, because I'm going to make this woman mine. It's funny how one night, has changed everything to the point that I'm breaking my neck to convince Dani to give this love a chance." - AUSTIN





“So, he gives me away like a harlot…as your property.”

My voice cracks under the verdict dealt me. Hojo searches my face. He can clearly read my emotions upon my depressed face.
“You are not my property, Kylenna.”

Hope? I lick my dried, salty tears from my lips.
“Then, it is as it was with my Mother when Musa sent her to your lands,” I begin. “I will be free to make a life of my own, free from…”
My words trail off at Hojo’s slow shake of his head.

“You will remain with me.”

“But why? You can give me your protection, and I can live as I choose,” I explain.

“You will remain with me,” he repeats.

I tilt my head. “Are you telling me I’m more than a bag of grain tossed in to close a deal?”

Hojo chuckles. “This can be whatever we envision it to be, Kylenna. It will bring changes, but it can also be pleasurable and sustaining, too.”
Why after years of wanting, wishing to be his, fate has chosen to step in, but not on my terms? I can't allow my heart to trick me into believing what I see in Hojo's eyes, what I feel while his body moves over mine is real. Yet, when he says, "I'll Die Without You...when I see him willing to take apart everything and everyone to love me, I wonder if I'm willing to sacrifice it all for love?



“Okay,” I mumble as I sit the boxes aside. “What do you want, Cooper? Pussy?” I ask, shocking him.


I watch as he babbles a bit before gaining control.


“Well, um…if you willing to give me-“


“I didn’t say I’m giving you shit. I just wanna know what the hell you’re working up to?”


“All I am working on is beating you.”


I scoff loudly. “Well, you’ll be working overtime to get no pay because I’m taking home the win, again,” I stress. “What’s it gonna be?” I pause for effect, “Third year in the row?” I tease, rubbing salt in the wound.


“You haven’t crossed the finish line yet,” he smirks.


“I would be getting closer if you would stay out of my face so I can work,” I finish with a nice-nasty smile.


“So, that offer of pussy, nevermind,” he says as he takes note of my hard gaze.


Bitter rivals since high school, Cooper and Felisa have been going head to head in business, and the annual Christmas Festival for years. It never fails for things to get out of hand whenever the two are in close quarters. Things only get worse when to save their sinking companies, a business merger is proposed. Being in each other’s face on a daily only serves to increase the opportunities for comical moments, fights that get the town talking and taking bets, and strokes the flames of a sizzling romance that’s been years in the making.


“It would’ve been the highlight of your career,” Calvin muttered as he gazed down at his dress shoes, shaking his head.

I can’t seem to get over that. How dare he act as if I need him? Me?! I’m a most sought-after celebrity chef. I’ve busted my butt to become a worldwide name, and for him to act as if I would be missing out if I didn’t cater his Christmas event is outrages.
Pompous! That’s what Mr. Calvin Dean is. Then again, I shouldn’t be too shocked, him being a famous actor. The title of, Sexiest Man, must have gone to his head. Well, I know how to deal with him.

“As I said, I won’t change my plans to personally host your Christmas dinner, but I will be more than happy to train you so you can dazzle your guests,” I grin.

Ha! That will shut him up.

“You got a deal, Ms. Warren!”

I wasn’t wrong when I noticed the slight frown of her full lips when I agreed to the training. It was obvious she had thought my entitled self would strike down the suggestion. Nope! I was going to take it no matter what. For my own personal reasons, but also to call her bluff. Then there’s my desire to see if the strength she showed in refusing me was a one-off, or was that spunk her normal?

At any rate, I see now that I should have just let Marquitta walk out of my life because I’ve bitten off more than I can handle.



For years, Kayla worked her fingers to the bones to prove she wasn’t a helpless case. Mistakes in her youth earned her a bad reputation in her small town, but now, she’s made it. A high price hair and makeup artist on the number one sitcom has seemed to cover a multitude of sins. Posed to return home as the local celebrity, her competitive sister chooses to announce her engagement to still her shine.
Refusing to be outdone yet again by her twit of a sister, Kayla knows just what to do. What’s better than one celebrity? How about two?

Dubbed as the Hottest Gay Man on television, Cage Ramsey has every gay man wanting him and every woman wishing on their lucky star that he’ll go straight. What turned out to be a great idea of his agent to play up the gay angle to get noticed is making him millions and ensuring he goes to sleep with nothing but his blue balls to keep him company. The torture of it all is being so close to the woman he’s been in love with for the past year, but not being able to tell her. Then again, Kayla seeing him as nothing but her, “Gay Bestie,” doesn’t help his case.

Willing to do anything at this moment to get Kayla to see the man behind the act, Cage agrees to go back home with her. However, he didn’t know he was signing up to be in the middle of two vengeful sisters, the town’s Mayor son determined to be the one to warm Cage’s bed, a nosy reporter hungry for a story, and Kayla’s shit of an ex trying to get his way back into her pants.




MY life, MY way, and nobody, NOBODY will ever make me believe otherwise. If that’s the case, then why the hell am I placing this damn diamond ring on the trembling finger of this woman? Why the hell did I just sign my freedom away without a second thought? Oh, I’ll say it’s because my bossy ass father threatened me, or I’m doing it for the sake of her, when I could give two shits about the feelings and reputation of any of the countless women that I’ve ran through. I’ll keep up with the lie that I was too drunk to realize that the woman I took back to my room was the pimple faced girl that I used to take pleasure in bullying as a boy, which is what pushed both of us into this shotgun wedding.

For years, I’ve wanted, lusted, dreamed of her touch. Never thought to be good enough, sloppy seconds is what I’ve wasted my time on, but the hunger for her, has never dimmed.

I read somewhere that the Wheel of Fate is always turning, giving us opportunities at love, if we’re willing to take it. Now, the question is, am I man enough to step up to take it? Can I actually keep my dick out of the mouth of the next bitch to hold the line? And will Kimie ever fall for a piece of shit like me?

If you are a fan of Christine Gray's romances, you are going to fall in love with her new books penned under her NEW NAME, Lilith McCall


Spark (2).jpg

I lock my hands behind my back to keep from snatching her back to her place before me. Kimie examines me from head to toe, slowly.'

“You hide it very well. You have too many problems…too many shades.”

I lower my gaze to keep her from seeing the twinkle in my eyes.
“True…does that scare you, Kimie.”

I can learn a lot when I just listen. The voice of a person, the way they breathe, the tone, it all has meaning behind what they say. I can pick up on a lie by the time they reach the period at the end of their statement.



Raising my eyes, there is no deceit in my response.
“A lot is coming at you at once, I get it. Don’t ever run from me, Kimie. I have shown my loyalty to you. I have given you my heart. Don’t ever run from me.”

“Now, you’re threatening me?”

“No threat, a promise,” I smile.
I can’t put into words the what I’m feeling right now. To finally have Kimie only for events to try to take her away. But it’s too late to hide the craziness I’ve kept hidden behind the surface. No, with so many people gunning for us, methinks the crazy is what I need to unleash. _TADGH

Strap in for the exciting conclusion!



Years as the Chief Travel Columnist at a male-dominated corporation have taught Agape Baxter a lot. Such as sex doesn't equal love, business owners will pay millions for a good review, and having a heart in this business is a recipe for disaster. Cynical, bitch, and cold-hearted are all titles Agape embraces. As long as your check clears, she's just fine.

Leon Waters is hemorrhaging cash. A self-made millionaire, picking up his discredited friend's resorts, was done as a favor, only to find out he had been conned into a bad deal. He needs a win, and the word in the boardroom is the winning ticket goes by the name Agape St. Cloud. Hosting the most sought-after travel columnist for a week should be easy. However, Leon's heart stops, and a chill enters the room on the heels of the woman he remembers from college. The sweet girl he cheated on, dumped, and later screwed her roommate.

From the wicked grin on Agape's lips, he knows the check in his coat pocket doesn't have enough zeros to help him turn things around. Leon also knows from the way his heart is racing, and his dick is hardening, this is a second chance he isn't going to fuck up.


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“Know how I was able to cope all of these year in hell with you Luca? Wanna know the secret? I…fucked…Gio,” she reveals with a big grin. “Oh, his dick was, um” she says before kissing her pinched fingers. “He had me cumming…and he could eat licking peanut butter from a jar. Something your cookie monster munching ass could never. And you wanna know what else your rival could do that you never could,” she pauses to lean into the camera. “Give me a baby…a son.”

They say, ‘Revenge is better served cold.’ Well, this motherfucker’s been on ice for three long years. Luca Greco is finally ready to get his lick back for the betrayal done to him. The stage is set, and he’s happy to watch it all play out from his front-row seat. The ways he plans to torture and make the little bastard suffer before he puts a bullet in his head will be a work of art. Then, he’ll kill his dad, Gio.

Avery has a job to do. The millions deposited into her account as a down payment is to resolve her of feelings for Marco. It shouldn’t matter that Avery hates Luca’s nasty ass with a deep-rooted passion. Or that Marco’s fucked up life is a hard pill to swallow…or that he is really a charming, good looking piece of ass. At the end of the day, she’ll do as she’s trained to do to keep her masters from turning the gun on her.

Marco Fabbri has perfected the art of being slow to speak, quick to listen, and even quicker to sniff out bullshit. It’s a skill he’s learned from his father. And the skill of strategy is one he’s learned from his notorious mother, Cindy. While he’s smiling, dining, and oh yes, fucking Avery, he’s no fool to the game. While others think he’s playing Checkers, he’s playing the most dangerous game of Chess in his life…and they all are his pawns in this war that will expose all his foes.

Cat and mouse…live by the sword, die by the sword…they are all true in this dangerous world they operate in. But can enemies to lovers…and finding real love in all the wrong places be true, too?


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