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Christmas Made to Order PDF Version

Christmas Made to Order PDF Version




 “It would’ve been the highlight of your career,” Calvin muttered as he gazed down at his dress shoes, shaking his head.


 I can’t seem to get over that. How dare he act as if I need him? Me?! I’m a most sought-after celebrity chef. I’ve busted my butt to become a worldwide name, and for him to act as if I would be missing out if I didn’t cater his Christmas event is outrages.

Pompous! That’s what Mr. Calvin Dean is. Then again, I shouldn’t be too shocked, him being a famous actor. The title of, Sexiest Man, must have gone to his head. Well, I know how to deal with him.


“As I said, I won’t change my plans to personally host your Christmas dinner, but I will be more than happy to train you so you can dazzle your guests,” I grin.


Ha! That will shut him up.


“You got a deal, Ms. Warren!”



I wasn’t wrong when I noticed the slight frown of her full lips when I agreed to the training. It was obvious she had thought my entitled self would strike down the suggestion. Nope! I was going to take it no matter what. For my own personal reasons, but also to call her bluff. Then there’s my desire to see if the strength she showed in refusing me was a one-off, or was that spunk her normal?


At any rate, I see now that I should have just let Marquitta walk out of my life because I’ve bitten off more than I can handle.