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Irish Heat

Irish Heat

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I’m tired, Olivia. I’m tired of playing the game and never really getting the full reward while you can only play it for so long before your true nature shines through. I wonder if you’re mad because you finally know the truth about me, or is it because I’m leaving you,” mumbled Forrester.


Forced into a marriage when they were teens, Olivia never really grew up. Even now, she was still a reflection of the back biting, pompous, girl that was more focused on her social life than her family. In spite of Forrester being strong armed into marrying her years ago, he had always secretly desired Olivia whom pursued him for her own self motives. Now older, Forrester is at his breaking point. He’s willing to trade his one true love for peace and the willing arms of a more appealing, younger woman.


When dangers at home forces the couple back to Ireland, the place where it all started, and the people Olivia hurt by leaving behind, will it be enough to bring about a change in her? Can they rekindle the flames of passion? Or will their love be lost forever. With the help from their sons, Pike and Brick this love story promises to set the pages ablaze from so much… Irish Heat!