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Give Me A Reason To Stay

Give Me A Reason To Stay


“You hate me.”

“Try again,” I suggest.

Grayson picks at the end of the comforter in thought. This reading is a one way street. Only I’m being read like a cheap paperback, while his mental guards stand firm at the gates to his mind.

“You love me.”

“And I always will,” I confirm.

“But do you want me?”

“We can’t always get what we want…. especially when what we want causes more harm than good,” I reply.

A flinch registers across his handsome face.

“Do your worse. I’ll pay in flesh, if need be. I’ll beg, if I must because I’m not losing you.”

Although his words were spoken in the deep calmness I’ve come to know, there is a darkening of his expression that conveys his determination and passion behind them.

“Is that what all of this is about? A penance of some kind?” I ask, dryly.

Tilting his head, “No. This is me giving you the reasons to stay…to not give up, to let me love you again.”

My eyebrow raised, “I didn’t know you had stopped.”

Author Note:
GIVE ME A REASON TO STAY takes place 9 1/2 years into Gigi & Grayson's marriage. The girls, Nina & Jalisa, are grown and the cracks can't be ignored any longer.

Grayson & Gigi and others featured in the book are from my Christine Gray Universe. To fully understand who these people are, consider reading the following:
*Relentless, A Vampire King's Desire Series
*Keagan Handcuff and Lace Mysteries
*Loving The Pieces of You

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