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Beau should have known by the way she carried herself that Capri was a force to be wrecked with. The way she put him in his place one day while on the plane should have been all the evidence he needed to leave her alone. However, after he got over his initial shock, it was brought to his attention by his friend, Caspian, that he needed Capri to seal some very important business deals.

When Beau spied what she was wearing under her clothes, he knew then that she wasn't the normal woman. She had a way about her that was strong and dominating, which he could put up with, if the outcome was to his liking.

But if she thought Beau was willing to be her boy toy, then Capri has another thing coming. And he was going to enjoy proving it her, one experience at a time that he was not like all the others. Of course, he'd also have to deal with Monica, his conniving ex-wife, showing up in an attempt to putting a stop to his fun, but for some reason...he thinks Capri can hold her own.


Okay,” I mumble as I sit the boxes aside. “What do you want, Cooper? A roll in the hay?”


I ask, shocking him. I watch as he babbles a bit before gaining control.

“Well, um…if you willing to give me-“

“I didn’t say I’m giving you anything. I just wanna know what you’re working up to?”


“All I am working on is beating you.”


I scoff loudly. “Well, you’ll be working overtime to get no pay because I’m taking home the win, again,” I stress. “What’s it gonna be?” I pause for effect, “Third year in the row?” I tease, rubbing salt in the wound. “


You haven’t crossed the finish line yet,” he smirks.


“I would be getting closer if you would stay out of my face so I can work,” I finish with a nice-nasty smile.


“So, that offer of roll in the hay is, nevermind,” he says as he takes note of my hard gaze.



Bitter rivals since high school, Cooper and Felisa have been going head to head in business, and the annual Christmas Festival for years. It never fails for things to get out of hand whenever the two are in close quarters. Things only get worse when to save their sinking companies, a business merger is proposed. Being in each other’s face on a daily only serves to increase the opportunities for comical moments, fights that get the town talking and taking bets, and strokes the flames of a sizzling romance that’s been years in the making.



“It would’ve been the highlight of your career,” Calvin muttered as he gazed down at his dress shoes, shaking his head.


I can’t seem to get over that. How dare he act as if I need him? Me?! I’m a most sought-after celebrity chef. I’ve busted my butt to become a worldwide name, and for him to act as if I would be missing out if I didn’t cater his Christmas event is outrages. Pompous! That’s what Mr. Calvin Dean is. Then again, I shouldn’t be too shocked, him being a famous actor. The title of, Sexiest Man, must have gone to his head. Well, I know how to deal with him.


“As I said, I won’t change my plans to personally host your Christmas dinner, but I will be more than happy to train you so you can dazzle your guests,” I grin. Ha! That will shut him up. “You got a deal, Ms. Warren!”

CALVIN- I wasn’t wrong when I noticed the slight frown of her full lips when I agreed to the training. It was obvious she had thought my entitled self would strike down the suggestion. Nope! I was going to take it no matter what. For my own personal reasons, but also to call her bluff. Then there’s my desire to see if the strength she showed in refusing me was a one-off, or was that spunk her normal? At any rate, I see now that I should have just let Marquitta walk out of my life because I’ve bitten off more than I can handle.



For two years, Kayla worked her fingers to the bones to prove she wasn’t a helpless case. Mistakes in her youth earned her a bad reputation in her small town, but now, she’s made it. A high price hair and makeup artist on the number one sitcom has seemed to cover a multitude of sins. Posed to return home as the local celebrity, her competitive sister choses to announce her engagement to still her shine. Refusing to be outdone yet again by her twit of a sister, Kayla knows just what to do. What’s better than one celebrity? How about two?

Dubbed as the Hottest Gay Man on television, Cage Ramsey has every gay man wanting him and every woman wishing on their lucky star that he’ll go straight. What turned out to be a great idea of his agent to play up the gay angle to get noticed is making him millions and ensuring he goes to sleep with nothing but his blue balls to keep him company. The torture of it all his being so close to the woman he's been in love with for the past year, but not being able to tell her. Then again, Kayla seeing him as nothing but her, “Gay Bestie,” doesn’t help his case.

Willing to do anything at this moment to get Kayla to see the man behind the act, Cage agrees to go back home with her. However, he didn’t know he was signing up to be in the middle of two revengeful sisters, the town’s Mayor son determined to be the one to warm Cage’s bed, a nosy reporter hungry for a story, and Kayla’s shit of an ex trying to get his way back into her pants.




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