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"This probably wishes that Cinemax were still in the original content game, as it requires that kind of mature audience and that kind of target." -Regina Lee (Stage 32)

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"Mr. Lucky Bastard and a Perverted Drunk all walk into a club. Stop me if you heard this joke, but I doubt you’ve heard something as screwed up as this tale."- Keagan

One night of passion with Monae will make for a very interesting partnership when they come face to face, months later. Who was to know that the mystery woman with an unquenchable appetite would be the lead detective he's riding with? This is an assignment Keagan can't resist....and might be the downfall of her relationship. Then again, Monae getting rid of her current Joker to make room for a King, like Keagan, maybe worth all the troubles doing so will bring.

Throw in trying to solve a case involving a sex bot, a monster that had it coming, a slew of suspects, and Monae's thirsty sister all while trying to keep his pecker in his pants will make for a heck of a first week.


After it's all done though, Keagan will be the name lingering on everyone's lips.

get a taste of justice

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