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Interracial Romance Author 

Formally known as Sapphire Rose




I know she isn’t back to start again. Nah, if Billie cheated death, she’s here to deliver my cursed ass to the deepest pit of hell, which I deserve. It doesn’t matter that I’ve mourned our love all these centuries or that I’ve been searching between every pair of legs I’ve bent back to fuck during that time in hopes of catching a glimpse of the true love I found with her.

Now, sitting here in Danjal office, I wait while racking my brain trying to figure out how I’m gonna flip this shit.

“I’m a father that doesn’t care for his bastards. I just make sure you’re not fuckin’ up the flow, that’s all. Your true bond is with him…with Wolf,” Danjal states firmly. “You need to make this woman understand how this shit is going to go,” he exclaims in a rush while shifting in the chair.

I rub my hand down my face, exhale, then get down to it.
“If you didn’t want anything to do with me, Billie, then you should have stayed wherever you’ve been. The rule is for life.”

“For Life,” she hisses. “The just kill me,” she pleads in Danjal’s direction.

Poised, I’m ready to break the whole block down if Danjal makes a move to end her. Just when I’m at a lost, Angie’s slick ass comes through for the win.

“Well, you’re the fool, no disrespect,” she adds nonchalantly, “because now you’re asking for my husband to kill you when you just seeing Wolf again,” Angie tsks. “What was all that living, fighting, waiting for if you’re not going to make his ass pay.”

Danjal, following Angie’s lead jumps in for the set up.

“In her state, she can try but she won’t be able to faze him,” he remarks.

“I will train you,” states Angie as she shakes Billie by the shoulder to get the woman to look at her. ”I know Wolf’s abilities, too. I know you probably asked my husband to kill you cuz you don’t wanna look at Wolf. I get it. But you aren’t gonna let his ass keep on living and you’re dead after all you’ve been through. How the hell is that justice?”

“I need info from her of who’s behind the attacks, gotta clean that up,” Danjal’s words trail off as he strokes his facial hair. “A month,” he offers. “That will make sure you get her up to par…

I have to fight t keep from laughing. These two played their parts well.

So, 30 days to make this work. 30 days for the bond between Billie and I to strengthen to the point of madness. 30 fuckin’ days to make Billie mine.


Without a word, I get to my feet. It is a race to the door with Caleb at my side.

“What the hell you doing? Driving would take too long.”

I turn on my heels at the fact Danjal speaks. The hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. I can feel the air in the room turning hot as it takes on a charge. My eyes dart to witness Mastema emerges to change the color of Jackson’s blue gaze golden.

“They won’t be able to contain it,” he warns to Danjal.

Mastema already knows what’s to come.

“Fuck, and it’s daytime, too,” sighs Danjal while he glances out the window. “Then again, if it were our women, we wouldn’t either,” he mumbles in thought.

“We’ll give you cover…just stay under it,” stresses Mastema.

I nod. With a wave of Danjal’s hand, what is considered reality bends under his will to create a portal that I and Caleb could never master. My steps scorch the high dollar floor underneath. I haven’t had a good reason to let go in a long, long time. With a tilt of my head, the bones in my neck crack. This Devil Hound isn’t going on the hunt…I’m on the kill.


I warned Michaela. I gave it to her straight, with no chaser. I spoke clear and slow when I told her what I am, and who I am. I even took her on a ride along to show her what she was committing to. I needed her to understand what she was fuckin’…that I’m a goddamn monster. Underneath all this skin and bones, is a living, breathing demon. Money, clothes, good conversation, and good dick won’t change what I am. With each warning, all my pushing away, her crazy ass just kept on coming. Okay.

Now that I’ve finally accepted her love, these motherfuckers think to snatch it away? Oh yeah, no lube and raw…. I got something for their asses.

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In and out, that’s what I told myself. I’m only here to punish her after finding out what she’s been up to. Dressed up to ensure she wouldn’t know it was me, I became a part of her fantasy. I knew from the second Gayle looked up at me, with pleading in her eyes on her knees, begging me to give her what she need, I knew I was fucked.

Gayle fantasied about it, but she never dreamed of someone like me could do her this way. The way I make her body melt away, she willingly became my pet...feeding from my hands, letting me explore every inch of her body until there is no mystery left.

Gayle may call me Sir, but I think I'm the one that's slowly becoming the slave in this twisted game of pretend.




To dates, I have over 35 books published. If you are stuck on the order of which to read, here's a list. 

Starting with my  pen name SAPPHIRE

The Order: 

Don't Tell My Husband Series
Falling For an Alpha Billionaire
Consumed By Love
Extraordinary Love; Angie and Levi's Story
One Of A Kind Love Series



The Billionaire Mob Wife
Pursued; A Billionaire Obsession
Sweet Obsession; Her Beast, His Beauty
Dirty; Loving Him Against The Odds
No One Can Love You Like I Can Series
Irish Heat; Claiming His Heart
Relentless; A Vampire King's Desire Series
Fated To Love
Fated To Be Mine
Fated To Bleed
Fated Till The End

Unchain My Heart; Edwin and Jenalle Romance
Tainted Love
Forbidden Lust
Don't Walk Away; Elmo and Christine Romance
Blindsighted By Love; Cujo and Rhi's Romance
Enjoying Mr. Hardwood Series
Case File:01- The Pervert, The Monster, and The Sex-Bot
Case File:02- The Savage, The Pretenders, and The Hunch, Punch Train

Case File:03- The Fool, The Scrooge, and The Slutty Elf On The Shelf

Case File:04- The Damned, The Jackal, And The Cocopuff Pimp

Book 5- The Twisted King, The Naive Lover, and The House OF Joy And Pain

A Desert King's Obsession Series

I'll Be Good To You

Case File:06- The Disgruntle Pumpkins, The Five Live Crew, and The Halloween Of Whores Patch

Just Say Yes

Make It Last

A Chance At Loving You

Die Without You

 Case File: 07: - The Bohemian Sherlock, The Unhinged Watcher, and The Sophisticated Piranha


Christmas Merger

Christmas Made To Order

Breaking The Girl; A BWWM BDSM

Breaking The Girl 2, Claudio's Heart


If you read in this order, you'll catch all the clues, and will know all the back stories of the people when they pop up. Happy Reading!

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