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Formally known as Sapphire Rose


“So, he gives me away like a harlot…as your property.”

“You are not my property, Kylenna.”

Hope? I lick my dried, salty tears from my lips.
“Then, it is as it was with my Mother when Musa sent her to your lands,” I begin. “I will be free to make a life of my own, free from…”

My words trail off at Hojo’s slow shake of his head.

“You will remain with me.”

“But why? You can give me your protection, and I can live as I choose,” I explain.

“You will remain with me,” he repeats.

I tilt my head. “Are you telling me I’m more than a bag of grain tossed in to close a deal?”

Hojo chuckles. “This can be whatever we envision it to be, Kylenna. It will bring changes, but it can also be pleasurable and sustaining, too.”
Why after years of wanting, wishing to be his, fate has chosen to step in, but not on my terms? I can't allow my heart to trick me into believing what I see in Hojo's eyes, what I feel while his body moves over mine is real. Yet, when he says, "I'll Die Without You" ...when I see him willing to take apart everything and everyone to love me, I wonder if I'm willing to sacrifice it all for love?


"Come on man, why not take a chance?"


That's the question that's been knocking around in my head since boarding the plane for Vegas. From Zahn to Phil, Dani's dad, all seem to think my old, whorish ass can settle down. Me, I know I'm a piece of shit. I know Dani can do better. Yeah, she's been in love with me and confessed it on the eighteenth birthday. Yet, I vowed to never go there. Years later, I still refuse to give into the my mounting attraction. 


At least, that's what I told myself. When the hell did Dani become such a force of nature?  Fuck it all. I'm about to raise a few eyebrows and cause tongues to wag, because I'm going to make this woman mine.  It's funny how one night, has changed everything to the point that I'm breaking my neck to convince Dani to give this love a chance." - AUSTIN


"Tia Symone Jefferies! From the moment I glimpsed her while rubbernecking my friend's IG feed, I've been working my ass off to get her to notice me. After investing a month and creating 6 fake Instagram accounts, I'm starting to get really pissed. You know I must be desperate if I'm using a cheesy Celebrity Reality Show to get her attention.


I was so confident when she laid eyes on me, Johnny Thick, the #1 R&B singer, the white man with the Luther Vandross voice, her panties were going to drop. Yet, Tia used her wit and sharp tongue to read me to the point that I forgot my left from my right.


"I'm out of your league," she laughed with pity in her eyes for me before she left me looking like Bow-Bow The Clown.


Me? Me? I'm selling out stadiums, breaking charts, and she thinks... I don't care that she's 10 years older than me. For once, I'm going to enjoy chasing a woman when usually women are fighting to get between my sheets.


Yes, I'm going to break Tia down until I'm her new favorite drug. I just wish to God I had realized going in that I'm going to lose my heart fucking this damn woman." - Johnny Thick


To dates, I have over 35 books published. If you are stuck on the order of which to read, here's a list. 

Starting with my  pen name SAPPHIRE

The Order: 

Don't Tell My Husband Series
Falling For an Alpha Billionaire
Consumed By Love
Extraordinary Love; Angie and Levi's Story
One Of A Kind Love Series



The Billionaire Mob Wife
Pursued; A Billionaire Obsession
Sweet Obsession; Her Beast, His Beauty
Dirty; Loving Him Against The Odds
No One Can Love You Like I Can Series
Irish Heat; Claiming His Heart
Relentless; A Vampire King's Desire Series
Fated To Love
Fated To Be Mine
Fated To Bleed
Fated Till The End

Unchain My Heart; Edwin and Jenalle Romance
Tainted Love
Forbidden Lust
Don't Walk Away; Elmo and Christine Romance
Blindsighted By Love; Cujo and Rhi's Romance
Enjoying Mr. Hardwood Series
Case File:01- The Pervert, The Monster, and The Sex-Bot
Case File:02- The Savage, The Pretenders, and The Hunch, Punch Train

Case File:03- The Fool, The Scrooge, and The Slutty Elf On The Shelf

Case File:04- The Damned, The Jackal, And The Cocopuff Pimp

Book 5- The Twisted King, The Naive Lover, and The House OF Joy And Pain

A Desert King's Obsession Series

I'll Be Good To You

Case File:06- The Disgruntle Pumpkins, The Five Live Crew, and The Halloween Of Whores Patch

Just Say Yes

Make It Last (2/14/2020)



If you read in this order, you'll catch all the clues, and will know all the back stories of the people when they pop up. Happy Reading!

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