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“What the fuck am I looking at?”

That was the question I chuckled out over months ago as I touched the bottle of cold beer to my lips.

“It’s a website,” one of my road dogs and good friend answered.

“Get that shit out of my face,” I grunted.

I had no need of the kinky porn shit he and the others were into. That’s all they talked about these days. I think they fucked their hands more than actually getting their dicks wet. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll spank the monkey if the mood takes me.

In fact…

“Is everything alright?”


I grind my teeth at the sound of her voice. It’s not that I hate the sound of it. It’s that I can’t take the effect her husky voice has on me and my dick that seems to be always hard in her presence. If I thought Gayle was sexy before, the damn woman is irresistible now.


“Bathroom,” I hiss.


“Again? Maybe I should-“


“Get back to work and don’t worry about my bladder,” I grumble as I march out of the office.


Frustrated, I run my hands through my hair. I cut my eyes in the direction of the bathroom in the back of the shop. I wanna beat one out, but I decide to give it a break. At the pace I’ve been cumming lately, I might go damn blind.


“Do something about this damn music,” I holler towards the office.


Always ready for a yelling match, “Why? It’s nice to have a calm workplace,” she comments.


I wanna lick my lips at the way she’s standing in the door with her hands on her hips in defiance.


“It’s a fuckin chop shop and mechanic, not a doctor’s office. Turn that jazzy Christmas shit off. It’s damn January,” I remind her.


I get a deep eye roll, but she turns to do what I asked. I wonder if it’s the music, or is it the fact that I know she has to bend over to reach the radio sitting low on the shelf? Gayle has always been thick. Even from high school, she had a body that didn’t quit. Over the years, she found confidence in those curves and her brown skin. Now, in our 40’s experience has only added to the woman I’ve always thought to be sexy. Even her sharp tongue is a turn on. If it wasn’t for the known code of not mixing colors, I would have fucked and dated her back in the day. Oh, but things have changed, now. I ain’t the little boy that wanted to be expected. Assholes can take a nice long drink of my balls sweat. I do what I want…or in this case, *who *I want.


I tilt me head to get a better angle to take her all her assets in her tight jeans.


“Goddamn,” I mumble under my breath.


My dick flexes in my jeans. The things I can do with that, right there. While I’ve been telling myself for the past 6 years that this woman was off the list, due to her being an employee. I’m gonna have to change the rule I enforce to ensure that every worker abides by when it come to Gayle. No, not after what I know…what I saw, there’s no way I can keep my hands…my lips, my tongue from-


“Shit,” I growl as I turn quick on my heels to make a beeline for the bathroom.


“Kay, hey man!”


“In a sec,” I scream back at one of the grease monkeys waving me over to take a look under a hood.


A sec is all it’s going to take, trust me. Just hope the last person in here didn’t stank the unit up. I can barely lock the door cuz I’m trying to fish my cell out of my pocket. I’ve been doing this so much; I find my favorite downloaded video without thinking. My back to the wall, I tug open my button fly, to free my throbbing dick. I narrow my eyes as I glare down into the upturned face on my I phone’s screen.


“What do you want, Sir?”


I bite my bottom lip at the mousy way she speaks.


“Fuck yourself.”


From the overhead camera view of her on her knees, I can see her tied hands move between her legs.


“I’ll tell you when to cum.”


“Yes, Sir,” she moans in obedience.


“Let me see your fingers?”


She swallows heard before showing off the thick, white, wet cream on her two fingers.


“My, my…that’s my dirty slut,” whoever is out of frame chuckles. “Resume,” he orders.


Once again, she goes back to fuckin’ herself. Now, I’m envisioning I’m the man, standing over her as the camera in my handshakes while I stroke my dick with the other. Her moans are hunting. Everything about the scene is perfect from the lighting, to the Mardi Gras mask on her face to keep some of her features hidden, to the high priced wig cascading over her shoulders in watery waves.


“Deeper…harder,” I grunt in unison with the mystery man on the phone.


I have this damn thing timed. I know every word, and I know when and how it’s gonna end.


“Open your mouth.”


Like a dog, she raises up on her knees to stare into the frame. Sticking out her tongue, I can see all the way down her throat to her tonsils. For the first time, she actually speaks on her own.


“Cum in my mouth…please, Sir.”


My reaction is as strong as the man’s. I bite back a curse.


“Cover my face,” she begs.


My hand work picks up. I damn near strangling my dick, but the way my balls are tightening, my pipe must like it. In sync, my cum shoots from the mushroom tip of my dick. I drop the cell into the sink to still be able to watch the stream of cum that hits her left cheek before she leans to catch the rest in and on her mouth. I’m panting like a newbie as I pump the last droplets into my shaking palm.


Angry, I clean up, tuck everything away, and grab my cell to head out. Once out the door, I hit the sanitizing station. I swear, I’m going to have a life of dull teeth from the way I’ve been grinding them lately to keep from exploding into a rage. It would only take a few steps to cross the garage to bring me back into the office. The fantasy of shaking, slapping the hell out of Gayle before rolling her up to give her all of my 11 inches is one that I’ve been having for months. If she wants to be a slut, if she wants to be broken, dominated, and then given release after gushy release, all she had to do was ask.

“Kay! Come on man.”


I scrub my hand down my face. This beatnik is going to get a lot more than my help if he don’t figure it out on his own.


“What?!” I yell over the grudge rock know streaming through the garage speakers.


All he does is gestures to the inwards under the hood. Whatever. It’s not like I’m going to actually listen to anything the kid is going to be saying. Nah, all I can think about is what’s been rattling in my cranium for the past few months; Why the hell is Gayle on that Onlyfans site, and how the hell can I dive bareback in her wet pussy?