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I wish this bitch would shut up. For the last hour she’s been on my ass, getting drunker and drunker with each glass. Then again, I should be glad. At least someone is talking to me. I sigh deeply as Jen goes into tell me the story of when Carla was caught in the supply closet sucking a dude’s dick. I glance over the rim of my glass of grape juice to steal a glimpse of the woman in question as she tosses her head back in laughter at something being said. Across the room, the dude whose dick she was sucking the life out of looks over at her too. I’m sure he’s wishing he was in the circle of people yapping it up, having fun instead of being stuck with his resting bitch face of a wife standing next to him.

I’ve come to find out a lot in the year and a half I’ve worked here. I know all the drama, whose fucking who then going home to their tidy lives. I know who has the coke habits, who’s secretly swiping right on Tinder to cover up their homosexual lifestyle. It’s the joys of being the mosey one, the smart employee that smiles and pretends to actually enjoy eating the shit given to her, while acting deaf to the jokes and remarks said about her.

Strange thing is, it doesn’t bother me, I acknowledge while I straighten my shoulders. In fact, working in this billion dollar company that takes pride in using up the weak and rewarding the two faced, back stabbers feels just like home. It’s the reason why I know, in time, I’ll be the quiet one that will be chief operator of one of the many departments, shocking all those that shitted on me.

Widening my stance, I adjust to the choppy waters we must be entering. Of course, Galloway International couldn’t rent out a ballroom in a swanky hotel to throw their annual party. Oh no, they had to be different by securing an entire cruise ship. Now, what could possibly happen along the three levels open to us, the countless of dark corners, and rooms available for, ‘resting’? Nah, baby. I will not be the one on everyone’s lips come Monday. I might be the one repeating the gossip, but I won’t be the subject, that’s for sure.

I chuckle at a joke I catch as I stroll back over to the bar.

“Another, please,” I pause to make sure I have the bartender’s full attention, “straight grape juice,” I speak slowly.

 I don’t want any confusion.

“Smart,” he chuckles before heading over to fill my order.

Even still, I don’t allow myself to get distracted by Jen. My eyes are glued on my glass until it’s placed back into my hand.

“Ugh, come on, Kimie. When are you going to loosen up?” Jen complains.

“I am,” I smile as I drop a paper umbrella into my glass.

“You know damn well what I mean. Dontcha wanna have some fun? You know…fun,” she smirks over the bass heavy music. “There’s a lot of money in this room.”

“Okay, which is it you wanting; money or dick?” I tease.

“I want them both.”

“Well, you will get those here for sure, but how long is the million dollar question?”

“For as long as it takes,” affirms Jen. “You know just like me that it only takes a bit of time on your knees to make it.”

Raising my juice, “Here’s to good knee pads,” I chuckle.

“Fuck you,” Jen laughs. “Then there’s love. It can happen,” she interjects when I open my mouth to speak.

I don’t know, when I look back over the events of this night if I will feel the same rush of excitement as I do now at the realization that one person had chosen to crash the corporate party. I have to admit, it took us both a moment to figure out what all the shouting, hooting, and screaming was all about.

“They got a celebrity to attend?!” I wonder, full of excitement.

With the Galloway’s deep pockets, it could be Justin Beiber…maybe not Beyonce. She’s too rich, rich for that.

“Who is it? Who is it?” I repeat while I try to push people out of the way.

At being 5’4, my short ass is at a huge disadvantage.

“Oh my god,” screams Jen, in slack jawed excitement.”

“What? What?” I demand to know.

I shove her out of the way to see, only for the hole she used to spy is fill with a body, blocking me once again.

Grunting loudly, I fish out my cell, hold it over the head of the others to take a quick picture in the direction of the commotion. However, before my eyes can adjust on the blurry image, Jen finally collects her whits to speak.

“It’s him! Tadgh Galloway. I can’t fucking believe it.”

“Yeah, me neither,” I grumble while trying my best to enlarge the picture to get a better look.

“I mean, he never, never bothers with anything pertaining to the business. I wonder why he’s here?” Suddenly, Jen gasps, taking with her all the air around her. “I bet he’s going to propose,” she finishes with a loud clicking of her tongue. “Um, hum,” all of this,” she starts up while making a looping sign with her finger, “is to set the stage. Watch and see.”

I give her a deep eye roll. “Ya’ll can watch and see. I’m going back to-“

“Cut the music. Turn it off.”

For the first time in hours, the only sounds are made by the hundreds of people in the grand ballroom.

I can barely make out the muffled conversation going on over the mic.

“Come on, man. You can’t show without…..a…words.” Alright that’s the guy holding the mic.

“I not her…..just act like……” And that’s Tadgh refusing.

“Oh, honey, just sa….” A female?

It’s her, the voice in my mind shouts.

Shifting left and right, I fight to get a look with my actual eyes of the couple standing in the corner.

“Thank you,” I whisper when their faces are finally projected on a large screen for all to see.

To finally be in the same room. Hum, I don’t know how I feel about that. But I’ll table that for now. At this moment, I just want to get a glimpse of the beauty that’s had this man’s heart for the last three years. No, that’s not true. It’s rumored that it may even go further back than that. At any rate, he and her have been at it for a long time.

Whatever is being said is lost in translation. I’m smacked in the gut with a raw feeling that reminisces of days gone long by. The female is exactly like I knew she would be; tall, fit, not a wrinkle on her, tanned to perfection, drop dead gorgeous…just right for the likes of an heir to a massive fortune. No, it’s the heir, the man standing 6’1 next to her that has rendered me speechless.

My eyes scan his face. They fall to watch his lips moving, only for me not to understand one thing he’s saying. I smirk as I make out the slightly crooked tooth next to his left, bottom canine. I had felt so bad when I let my anger get the best of me and busted him in the mouth. However, that thought only brings me annoyance and something else.


That one word has the power to change my entire mood. My once straight shoulders slump a bit as I turn away from the commotion. Based on the loud shouting, I can only assume Jen was right. The asshole probably did just pop the question to the dim whit Barbie with the lip fillers hanging all over him.

“A refill?”

I blink at the out stretched hand in front of me. I didn’t even realize I had made it back to the bar, or that I had tossed back my grape juice to wet my tightening throat.

“Yeah,” I mumble.

The bartender glances at my glass in his hand. “Hey, there’s nothing wrong with playing it safe.”

“No,” I snap, taking offense. “No, there isn’t.”

“I agree,” he says a bit worried.

“I, I’m logical. I make the right decisions to ensure the most desirable outcome,” I remark with a stiff nod.

“If that’s what you say.”

“Why you said it like that? Like you don’t believe me or something?” I press.

“At this point, I’ll say whatever just to get you to go away,” the man shrugs.

“You know what,” I start as I snap my fingers to stop him from walking to get my juice. “Give me something sweet and strong,” I demand. At his raised eyebrow, “I can have one drink. I’m not a damn baby. I can make my own decisions,” I speak, forcefully.

“If you say so,” he grumbles. “Um, I’m thinking Whisky Sour or a Mint Mojto?”

“I’m thinking both,” I sass.

“Both?” he repeats, slowly.

Holding out my empty hands is my only reply.

“Both,” he smirks as he slides two chilled glasses with the two different mixed drinks into my hands. His eyes roam over me.

“I’ll come looking for you on my break,” he winks.

Rolling my eyes, I turn away.

“Lord, yas,” I moan as my tongue wakes up due to the sweet burst of flavors followed by the warming of my body as the liquor makes its way down my throat to settle in my belly.

Double fisting it, neither one of my drinks has time to get jealous with the equal attention I’m giving to both. My body sways to the music being piped throughout the ship. I stand on one of the decks. I’m not crazy, though. I stop a few feet from the railing to lookout over the sea. The sky is a blaze with the yellows, reds, and orange of the setting sun. The wind is brutal as it whips around me to tug on my dress and hair.

The sounds of laughter has a strange effect on me. Turning my head, I watch others on the deck while they play putt-put golf, horse shoes, shuffle board, or lounging in the hot tub.

That’s what I’m always doing.

“Looking from the outside in,” I mumble as I take another sip of my drinks.

It’s true. It seems like everyone has moved on, transitioned while I’m stuck on the limb…too damn afraid to do anything. Too damn scared to make mistakes, to anger anyone. Oh, I’ll talk shit in my mind all day long. Then swallow it all, smile, nod, and do as I’m told. The few times I dared to show anything different than what was expected…showed a glimmer of self, it was squished, snuffed out till the point that I gave up even trying.


“Shit,” I hiss.


My world tilts to the right. It takes all my coordination not to fall. Refusing to lose one drop of my drinks, I fight against the tipping of the ship due to the waves knocking into it. Better to be safe than sorry, I leave the jolly people on the deck to venture inside. I take no note of which door I enter. At this point, any will do. I take a second for my eyes to adjust to the lighting. The chiming and ringing of the machines alert me of where I am long before my vision clears.

A wicked smile forms on my lips. Like a kid in a candy store, I scan the area, taking in all the colorful and exciting themes of the many slot machines to choose from. I glance over at the gambling tables.

Oh, the people I can hustle, I chuckle mentally.

Licking my lips quickly, I finish off the two drinks. I revel in that good old feeling of knowing I’m going to get in trouble tonight. Hopefully, all that was said in the last corporate meeting leading up to the annual party is true.

“This is a kindly reminder to everyone that we are ALL adults. Therefore, NO MEANS NO. And if your, YES is YES, then no bitchin’ about it in the morning. What happens at the party, stays at the party.”

So far, that code has rung true beyond the normal office gossip, of course. With confidence and liquor induced courage, I get in line to get an assigned gambling card. Not much to do but wait, I begin to glance around the room. I’m making my plan of attack which includes a bit of slots, then off to the poker tables.

“Are you in line?”

I don’t have to look to know. In fact, just seconds before the person spoke, I had felt it…something strange that caused my spine to tingle. Now, the normal me…the one that would have never drunk two drinks would have nodded her head, put her head down, and would have turned facing front to wait. However, this version of me…the version that hasn’t been let loose in God knows how long did the complete opposite.

“Yes, I am.”

Wide grin on my lips, I turn my head to look up into the man’s face asking. He narrows his gaze to focus harder on me, but that is all I’m willing to give him before I turn away. I take a wide step to close the gap to tighten up the line. Although there’s silence behind me, I can still feel his presence.

“Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”

When I don’t hear a response to his question, I glance over my shoulder.

“Oh, are you talking to me?” I ask.

“Yes, you?” he smirks.

“Well, I’m a bit rusty, but I know once I warm up, I’m good to go.”

As soon as I say the words, I wish I could retract them. The wording combined with my goofy grin, and the way the drinks have turned by voice husky, what I said could be taken in a totally different way.

“I’m mainly going to stick to the slot machines,” I add in a rush to clean it up.

“What, not any of the tables?” he questions, stopping me from turning away.

“Well, um…maybe,” I shrug.

“After you warm up, a bit,” he jokes, eyeing me closely.

“Right,” I chuckle weakly.


“Thank you,” I breathe, happy to finally be at the changing desk.

“How much?” the woman asks as she swipes the card and prepares to enter the amount in the computer.


“Um,” I begin while fishing out my bank card, “I’ll do-“

“Three thousand.”

My head snaps back at the amount spoken. “Wh, no, not that much. I only want-“

Reaching around me, he drops the crisp bills on the desk.

“No,” I repeat, firmly. Slapping his hand and his money to the side, I glare at him.

He’s not even looking at me. Instead, he’s having a determined conversation with his eyes with the confused woman behind the counter.

“Cash her in.”

“Yes, sir,” she nods as she proceeds to do so. “Good luck, miss,” the woman smiles as she hands me the card.

Why the fuck not? Take his money.

“Thank you,” I smirk while I slip the card out of her two fingers. “Thanks,” I smile at him.

Not feeling like I’m obligated to give him anymore of my time, I stroll off without saying anything else.



I have no doubt my expression reflects what I’m thinking.

I just dropped three grand and that’s all she says, Thanks? What the fuck?

I can’t help my chuckle. She’s cold…and if she’s who I think she is, she hasn’t changed one bit. I slip my hands into my tailored, black pants while I watch her weave through the rows of slot machines. She stops, leans in to expect it, then moves on until she finally sits on a stool to play. I tilt my had while I consider her logic of when and where to sit. No matter what a person tells you, there is no actual way of knowing when a slot machine is going to hit. People have lost their homes believing they had figured it out.

 “Sir, the line?”

I register the worker’s comment with a start.

“Shit,” I hiss, getting back to cashing in.

“You ready?”

Fuck no, I’m not ready. I don’t even want to be here…then again… My eyes scan the room to find her still at the machine. There’s a giddy smile on her face. My eyebrow raises at the sight of her bringing a drink to her mouth. Not a sip, but she swallows down half of the glass. A shiver rattles her body as she frowns slightly at the taste of the liquor.

“What’s got your attention?”

“A ghost?”

I’m not surprised by the frown of confusion on my friend’s face.

“Well, where is this ghost?” he presses as he makes a show of checking in the direction I’ve been staring.

No doubt it’s the weight of our eyes on her that causes her to look up.

“Oh hey,” Cullen jokes as he taps my chest. “Now that’s a welcome break from your norm. What is she?”

I don’t take offense to the question. I’m sure with her exotic looks, she’s been getting that question most of her life.

“If I’m right, she’s Blasian.”

Taking my cell out, I activate the camera to flash a quick picture of her. My fingers type out a short message to send her picture over to someone I trust can clear up this mystery for me.

“Let’s play.”

Cullen blinks. “But I thought what about-“

“What the fuck you think is going to happen? Come on now,” I scoff before heading for the poker tables.

“Well, I can at least get her name and number for-“

“For what?”

My reaction shocks the shit out of us both. I wasn’t expecting to bark the way I just did at him. In an instant, the wicked smirk and laid back vibe that is my staple vanishes to allow some heavy, menacing clouds to roll in.

“Shit, I didn’t think to-“

“Then think to stickin’ your dick elsewhere.”

I continue to stab my warning home a few seconds more through my narrowed gaze before I head for the poker tables. Too far away to steal a glimpse of the woman, that fact is fuckin with my concentration. Who is she talking to? Hell, is she still in the casino? Who the fuck is she?

I glance over at my cell sitting on the table in hopes that the answer was texted back to me, only to find no response. With a growl, I snatch up the phone.

Hey, dip shit, an answer

Tossing it down, I glance down at my cards.  Just like that, things have a way of fuckin’ you up, and my dwindling pile of poker chips is a testament of that. It doesn’t help that I never see the bottom of my glass. Once the ice cubes break the surface, it’s removed for another large brandy. Am I shit faced? Fuck no. After an hour, am I feeling the effects of this shit? Fuck yes.

“I’m out,” grumbles Cullen.

I shake my head mockingly. On a bluff, I toss down my cards. A rounds of applause go up when I win the hand.

“I’m out too,” I announce. With a sweep of my hand, I replenish my pile of chips.

“Wait! You gotta give me a chance to win some of that back,” cries the man.

I open my mouth to reply only for Cullen to shut me up.

“Me thinks he’s gonna be here for awhile.”

Annoyed to be told what to do, I ready myself to tell him and the sweaty clown at the table they can fuck off, when I catch a movement in the corner of my eye. I turn to watch my world slow down. There’s a slight lean to her walk as she makes a beeline to our table. Even still when it comes to gambling, one has to wonder if it’s all an act.

“Oh, she’s shit faced,” the man smiles. He straightens up in his chair, excited.

Without a word, Cullen stands and motions for her to take his chair, putting her to my left.

“Oh, you’re doing real good,” she teases.

“So, it seems.”

I watch under my hooded lids as she hands her playing card to the dealer.

“What are you drinking?” I ask.

“Shit, I’ve had too much already, but um…” she pauses to think.

“How about some sex on the beach?” the man to my right teases.

Ignoring the man’s double meaning, “A strawberry Mojito,” she grins.

In seconds, we’re all drinking, laughing, losing, winning, and having a loud time. It’s obvious by the fourth hand, that she’s not a dummy. She knows how to play. By the sixth hand, I don’t need that text. I’ve figured it out all by myself. And by the thirteenth hand, I already know where I’m going to be burying my dick.

Hard as a rock, I can’t stop watching her. I don’t even try to hide what I want. It’s in the way my gaze keeps falling to her lips, how I keep brushing my leg against hers.

I’ll pause here for a moment to explain to everyone that has already started bitchin me out.

How the hell he’s thinking of fuckin’ her when he’s blah, blah, blah. Yeah, I know.

The answer is simple. I’m a no good motherfucker. To think that a greedy, superficial bitch like the one I’ve been wasting my time with is going to change that fact is foolish. I play the games that allow me the freedom to do as I please. I dance to the tunes that benefit me, and only me.

I might have thought that her tipsy act was just that, but I know for sure she’s feeling every sip she’s taken. She’s warming up to me. She still winning like a champ, going toe to toe with me to the point that the man that had high hopes of getting some money back finally called it quits.

“I see there’s a lot more to you, my lady,” I tease.

I’ve never thought glasses on a woman was sexy, but she wears her specs well. It adds to her allure…the mystery that she’s hiding behind her frames.

Tilting her head, she half turns in her stool. I stiffen at the way her eyes examine me slowly…as if she’s sizing me up to see if I’ll make the cut.

“Sadly, that can’t be said about most people.”

Laying my cards down slowly, this is a challenge I don’t want to back down from.

“Have you been disappointed much? Maybe it’s who you’ve been choosing to play with?” I suggest.

She sighs as she follows my lead of placing her cards on the table.

“Could be,” she sighs dramatically. “They all seem to come with promise,” she begins as she reaches for my cards to flip them over. Glancing at them, she frowns, “but always seem to be full of shit.” Flipping her cards over, she shows a full house for the win. “As you can see, I’m fully capable.”

No longer willing to play these games, I speak plainly.

“I’ll love to get another opinion on my skills. Is your pussy available to a long discussion?”

Tossing back her head she chuckles. Taking a moment, she motions to the dealers to count up her winnings to place on the card. When she turns back to me, I know whatever she’s going to say is not going to sit well with me.

“Listen…I’m drunk and that makes me horny. I haven’t had a good fuckin’ in a long, long time. Now, I know you’re used to women making you believe that your dick is diamond tipped, but I’m telling you now,” leaning closer, she pins me with her brown eyes, “if you’re not smuggling at least 10 inches in those dress pants, if your dick isn’t going to disrupt my heartbeat, snatch my breath, and I’m speaking another tongue…or you’re not willing to put your whole tongue in my pussy, then please don’t kill my buzz with your bullshit.”

Speechless. It’s the only word that comes close to what I am. It’s to the point that I wonder if I imagined her serving me notice. I know this woman didn’t just give me a goddamn job description and then told me to consider applying. I know she didn’t just hint that I’m not able to-

“That’s what I thought,” she tsks sadly.

Her speaking as she slides from the stool to stand brings me back. Without a word and on surprisingly stable legs I watch her begin to walk away.

“Ah, Tadgh, I think you shou-“

I am on my feet.

“Shit, Tadgh…don’t be fooled. That one is more than….hey, are you listening?”

Am I listening? Expanding my strides, I catch her in a matter of seconds. Without a word, I arrest her by the arm to drag her towards the door.  All I’m doing at this point is feeling. I’m feeling the rush, the stirring…the longing to see if this woman is going to be able to back up all the shit she just said.

Out the door, in the darkness, she pulls away to press her hand to my crotch. Boldly, she grabs my dick to size me up. I bite my lip at the force of her hold.

“I’m going to destroy your pussy,” I warn as I back her against the wall.

“God, I hope so,” she moans.

Rolling up on the tips of her toes, she shocks me when she licks my mouth, slowly. I chuckle, but it lasts only a moment because once our lips fasten, I’m lost. Knowing what she wants, I do nothing when she places my hands between her legs. Lacey, I can feel her pussy juices through the material. Shoving them to the side, I’m happy to find a trimmed kitty. Running my finger over her plump pussy lips, I split them to insert one, two, three fingers to fuck her hard. Mouth open, her head falls back to rest on the wall. Under hooded lids, we watch each other. It’s an act I rarely indulge in. Never do I watch when I fuck. I can’t stand to see those fake, over the top expressions, the loud screams to ensure the staff know I’m fuckin her.

No, Nicole’s pussy never felt like this. Never did Nic’s cream like this, which usually went dry after 30 minutes of stroking. Never did Nicole’s pussy flexes and jumps with pure excitement like this. Nor does her eyes shine with need, lust in a way that lets me know that this woman doesn’t give a damn who I am or even if I got off just as long as I can please her.

“So, this is what you’ve been hiding. If I had known, I would have-“

I shut my mouth to keep from saying more. I shake the feeling that this is divine timing.

“The room, let’s go.”

“No,” she snaps. Frantically, she tries to force my fingers back into her pussy.

“Oh, sweetheart…what I have planned needs a bed…and room.”

I chuckle at the way her eyes widen. No more complaining on her end, my hand on her lower back guides her towards the elevator. People are everywhere. We nod a greeting as she and I try to play off that we’re together. I smile, knowing that I can’t go anywhere without being recognized. The doors open for more people to join the lift, forcing us to the back of the elevator. It takes everything with me not to moan at the feel of her hand grabbing my dick. Slipping low, she massages my nuts.

“Our floor is next,” I breathe.

The sound of the chime has us both fighting to get to the front and onto the floor. I don’t try to hide we’re together. Taking hold of her hand, I lead the way as we pass nosy onlookers. Cutting my eyes, I notice one of the faces lingering in the hallway. The double take he gives me almost makes me laugh out loud. It’s not the outcome he’s expecting. No, it’s even better than what he and the others were here for.

Swiping my room key, I hold the door open for her to enter. I steal a glance of my watch, then look back towards the elevator. A wicked grin tugs on the corner of my lips.

Nicole is going to learn today never to fuck with me.

The instant I step over the threshold, all thoughts of the world outside of this room vanishes. Ready, willing, and I would definitely say able, and standing in the middle of the room is all I’ve been waiting for. A ghost from my past. A long forgotten fantasy made flesh.

“A name,” I speak while I close the distance to tower over her.

Drunk but not dumb, she smirks.

“Isn’t that breaking the rules of a fuck and go?”

I say nothing. All I do is watch when she reaches behind her to unzip her dress. In a hush, it falls to the floor. The liquor has given her a boldness that I know isn’t her norm. My hot eyes roam her mocha colored skin. It’s then that I notice something. What I’m seeing is a true testament of the woman before me. Her outer appearance is done up nicely and safe, for the world because that’s what is expected. However, what she was hiding under her clothes, a shapely, firm body in a naughty, lacey bra that barely covered her large, dark nipples, a matching thong, and silky thigh highs are all for her.

I reach out to thumb her hard nipple. Her response is one that I know I’m going to be longing to see in the middle of the night.

“A name?” I press. My fingers roll and pinch her nipple hard.

“Sarah,” she moans, then smirks. “How about Amber? Or Candy cuz I taste so sweet?” With a tug, she opens my belt, my pants, and reaches in to grab my dick. “Or Jennia once you stop talking so I can show you what I can do with all of this.”

I narrow my gaze as I watch her lick her lips to drive home her meaning. My dick leaps and bucks in her hand singling he’s in favor of all that. My palm on her chest I shove her back onto the couch. Her brown thighs open wide as an invitation for me to do whatever I please.

The pussy. I need to get in it. I need to feel it. I wanna be bathed in her. Pulling her panties to the side, I line up my mushroom shaped tip, take a breath, and penetrate her in one deep stroke.

“God!!” she cries out. Her forehead hits my shoulder.

Leaning in, I rotate my hips to create a tighter seal. It takes nothing to pick her up. With a thud, I plaster her back to the wall. I need something firm to allow me to crash into her. Widening my legs to balance my weight, I begin fucking her hard. I swear to God and all the Saints, I’m going to ride her pussy till it turns to dust.

She’s wild, and I love this shit. My ears perk up and my thighs flexes while I try to throw my back out with every gut punch thrust I’m delivering. I marvel at the way her pussy constantly gushes down a new wave of juices to bathe my dick and nuts. No holding back, I join in to add with the raunchy, nasty shit spilling from her parted lips.

Wrapping my hand around her neck, I squeeze.

“I need to do something about this mouth of yours,” I taunt.

Tilting her head, she smirks. “Do you want me to suck your dick?”

Fuck, I love her innocent act.

“Yes,” I reply in a deep voice.

“Say it…tell me,” pausing, she leans in, “make me.”

I blink the amazement from my eyes.

“Suck my dick,” I demand as I remove my cock.

She does nothing but leans on the wall, catching her breath until she finally slides slowly down to her knees. I don’t move a muscle. Instead, I let her take her time as she crawls to me. I can’t believe I’ve missed out on all of this. I can’t believe she’s been an island, waiting…wanting to be discovered, and I’ve-

I growl out the air I didn’t even know I had been holding. No games here, she means business as she opens wide to ingest my dick. Her brown eyes locks onto mine. In awe I wonder when the hell am I going to reach that spot in her throat that will make her gag. Taking a firm grip of her head, my knees bent, I fuck her mouth slowly. Like looking over a painting, I admire her skills while I watch her suck her juices off of my length.

“I don’t know what’s better…this mouth or your pussy,” I groan.

Caressing her back, I open the latch of her bra to free her breasts. Suddenly, I have the urge to be naked, to feel my skin against hers. I’m thankful that she keeps sucking as I undress. That nasty poppin’ and sloppy sounds of her mouth is like a music that I know will never get old.

I dislodge my dick only to fasten onto her mouth. Panties off, completely naked, I finally take us to the bed. I’m already penetrating her before we hit the mattress. Pausing to shift to ensure not one inch of my dick is wasted, I pull out to plunge in again.

“Yess,” she starts to cry, but bites down on her bottom lip to hold it in.

For the life of me, I want to hear her scream. I want to see her lose it. Raising her leg high, I fuck her up. I know I’m going deeper than what she expected. I know she can feel me in her ass, her stomach by the way her eyes go wide before they roll back.

“I, lord,…um..ugh, you feel so goood,” she moans.

I don’t stop at the sound of voices outside the door.

So, it’s time, huh?

I ponder briefly if Nicole will be in the crowd or will she hear about it like everyone else? I hope she’s front and center. Oh, I caught wind her of her dumb plan of entrapment. It’s the reason why she wanted me to attend this party. Thing is, reporters can’t be trusted. They all have that character flaw of wanting to share gossip. The shit just eats them up inside, that burning desire to be the first to tell something to watch your reaction.

Getting caught fuckin’ wasn’t nothing new. I’ve been jumping from married women windows, leaving hotel rooms and gentlemen clubs for years. But that wasn’t going to stop her from staging us being caught, then her throwing herself on the mercy of my parents to save her reputation. Makes good sense seeing how I’ve been the one holding up setting a date.

Ah, but now there’s you, I acknowledge as I lean up on my elbow to watch her moan underneath me.

The one that I was always told to stay away from. The one that was said wasn’t meant to be mine, ever. The one I would have changed for, if I was only given a chance.

She’s so into our fuckin’ she doesn’t even hear the beeping to indicate that the door key has been swiped. I really hope Nicole chooses her friends better in the future. I looked that motherfucker dead in his face when I walked to the room. He knows what the reporters are going to see once he opens the door, yet he’s doing it anyway. The man probably hates Nicole’s two faced, fake ass just as much as I do.

Quickly, I pull the comforter back and over us to provide a bit of modestly. Now, the decision of how to play this. A body is all I need and the act to sever things. No one needs to know who I’m fuckin’.

When the shit hits the fan, I’ll keep up with the lie that I’m too drunk to realize that the woman I took  back to my room is the pimple faced girl that I used to take pleasure in bullying as a boy. Dropping my head, I nestle her neck while I nudge her face towards the door. I curse mentally knowing that I won’t be spending the night fuckin’ away like I want to.

A scream followed by loud jeers. Her body instantly tenses underneath me.

“Shit,” she cries. Her hands push on my chest in an attempt to move my weight.

My moves are purposeful when I roll off her and the bed, making sure to draw the comforter over her.

“He’s fucking her in the raw,” someone announces.

I don’t bother to try to shield my stiff dick as the room fills up with even more onlookers.

“GET THE HELL OUT!!” I thunder.

The majority of the unwanted guest get to running out with a few stealing a few more moments to get their jollies before vacating the room.

“You alright?” I ask once the room goes quiet.

I catch bits and pieces of her frantic mumbling from under the covers.

“Get dress, and I’ll get you out of here.”

Thankful, she tosses back the covers to bounce out of the bed. She’s not even sparing me a glance while she hunts for her clothes.

“A name? You might as well tell me before I read it later,” I add in a rush.

Her back goes ram rod straight.

“I might be able to…God, why?” she fumes, throwing up her hands in the arm. “I never, never step out of line, and just for a little-“

“I think I’m more than a little,” I tease.

Angry, she turns around to find me leaning with my shoulder on the wall.

“I should have known messing with you would fuck me,” she spits.

“Did I mistake the assignment?” I drawl


“I should have fucked the bartender, instead,” she grunts.

The fact that she had more than one offer doesn’t sit well with me. How many men tried where I succeeded, tonight? She claimed to be hard up, but who’s to say she didn’t do shit like this all the damn time?

“Will you get dressed so you can get me out of here,” she snaps. “COME ON,” she demands as she points towards my clothes.

Annoyed when I don’t budge, she gathers them to throw them at me. They fall to the floor in a heap.

“Fuck you, then,” she growls. “I’ll get out on my own.”

“I wouldn’t do that, if I were you. They are all waiting, counting down the minutes for us to walk out to get our after fuck glow,” I tease.

In defeat, her shoulders slump, her head bows, and she comes back to flop onto the couch.

“Why the fuss? You’re old enough for-“

“My family isn’t like yours. They won’t just turn a blind eye or make shit go away with money. Reputation was never high on your list,” she accuses.

“Sorry, if I don’t give a shit about what people say about me.”

“About you, but what about the others that get fucked up for running with you? You never think about them, do you?”

“Bullshit,” I hiss. “I never leave my friends out in the-“

“Oh, really?” she sings, narrowing her gaze at me. “What about Brian Hemp? His dumb ass got shipped off after that time-“

Coming off the wall, I jump at the opportunity she’s given me.

“Hold up, you know me?” I inquire, putting on a damn good act.

Realizing her mistake, she closes her eyes. She chews on her bottom lip for a moment.

“I, I,” she pauses, takes a breath, “You don’t remember me…obviously…Kimie Taka-“




“Kimie,” he whispers.

He takes a step back as if he had been burned. Like a veil rising, the light of recognition shines in his brown eyes. If I could disappear into the cushions I would.

“Kimie,” he repeats as his gaze roams over the places his hands had just been.

I turn away at the wicked grin that forms on his face. I wish the son of a bitch would get dressed. How can he still be semi hard after all the shit that just happened? Proud and secure in his skin, knowing that he’s the shit, Tadgh seems completely unfazed and unashamed, which irritates the hell out of me. While my heart won’t stop racing, and my stomach is queasy to the point that I’m one fart away from shitting myself, he’s standing there with a shit eating grin.

“Kimie,” he repeats, this time with strong disbelief, suddenly to add a bit of husky, lust to the sound of my name to say, ‘Oh, you naughty girl.’ “Kimie…the one that sucker punched me?”

I cringe at his laughter. Any other time, I might have joined in, but not now. I can’t shoot the shit when I’m trying to figure out how to spin this. I experience a bit of saddens when I catch him bending to pick up his pants.  But goddamn if his ass wasn’t hitting all the right spots. The slight curve of his dick was creating a magic deep within me that had my entire body humming.

“Ms. Takahata…why the hell you’re here anyway?” he questions.

“Because I work at your company,” I mumble.

“Why?” he inquires shocked. “You went off to school. I know you have a degree. You were the smartest one out of all of us.”

“Listen, I needed a job, I applied, I got hired,” I spell out, hoping to put it to rest.

“How long have you been working, what department?”

“A few years, Global Marketing…whatcha plan for leaving.”

I want to get this show on the road. I know there’s no hiding from the shit coming my way, so I want to get on with it.

“I have a helicopter that will-“

“Great,” I clap loudly, getting to my feet. “Tell the pilot to get the blades spinning,” I remark while walking towards the door.

Silent, I stand with my head down, arms cross as I wait for him to come on. His black, polished dress shoes appear in my line of vision. His presence is magnetic as he towers over me. I will myself not to glance up to see what he’s doing in the moments of stillness. At this close distance, I can’t afford to allow Tadgh to see the emotions reflected in the depths of my eyes.

Tonight, I flew too close to the sun, and I’m paying for it. I should have known damn well not to try for something that was beyond me. What the hell was I thinking? My father always warned me of thinking more of myself…of believing that I could be more than what I was destined to achieve. I got caught up in the excitement of having his attention…or being desired by the likes of someone like him.

“I’m so fuckin stupid,” I rail under my breath while shaking my head.

I mean, come on. He’ll bounce back from this. This event won’t be life changing. It will just be another bullet point added to his Wikipedia page. However, for me, this could spell the end of my freedom. My father will probably ship me off to Japan to marry anyone he can find, while my mother will shut her mouth and allow it. Unlike before, when I made the case about why my brother was able to fuck up, fuck off, while I can’t make the tiniest of mistakes won’t save my ass this time. Shoko is still sticking his dick in any bitch that looks his way. His debts are paid quietly and in full when they run too high. He’s a sorry sack of shit that’s been given the keys to the castle thanks to his balls that never dropped.

The gentle touch of Tadgh’s hand frightens me, causing me to jump back into the present.

“It will be okay,” he promises.

My response is to nod. I won’t cry. I’ve done so much of that; I would have thought I was all cried out. I’m thankful for his hand on my lower back because I would have still been rooted in the same spot.

“Oh, shit!! That’s the chick from global.”

There goes the hope that nobody would connect the dots. Yeppers, it’s all downhill from here. Down the hallway, through the crush of bodies, Tadgh holds my arm tight. He leads the way, while I keep my head down. Doors open, close…there’s stairs that seem to go on forever, until the violent winds alert me that we’re outside. Taking a chance, I steal a quick glimpse to check if the coast is clear. Seeing that we’ve reached the upper level, I breathe a sigh of relief. It takes a second of blinking to make my eyes adjust to the darkness. The bright lights on the helipad is like a beacon.

“Come on,” Tadgh screams in my ear over the humming of the helicopter’s engine.

Running, I hop into the awaiting door to slip into my seat. This is a first for me. The struggle is real as I try to figure out how to strap in properly.

“Like this,” he offers as he leans over to assist me.

With a hard tug, Tadgh tests the seat belt. Satisfied, I can now expect the aircraft.

“Where’s the pilot?” I ponder in horror when I realize that it’s only the two of us.

“You’re looking at him,” he smiles.

Like a caged animal, I begin to claw at the door.

“Wait!! No! I change my mind,” I pipe up while I grab franticly at the seatbelt. “Let me, SHIT!!” I begin to wail at the feel of us lifting into the air.

Wide eyed, I watch Tadgh maneuvers us up and into the air with the lever between our seats by pulling up on it. I scoot to the side when the lever in front of me begins to move in sync with the one he’s holding onto between his legs which changes our direction.

I lean over to shout something only for Tadgh to shake his head. Quickly, he motions to the headset hanging on a hook behind my head. The damn set weighs a fuckin’ ton.

“You know what you’re doing?” I shout into the mic. “I’m, I’m sorry,” I add when I notice his winching.

“To answer your question, yes,” he smirks.

It’s hard for me to relax. I mean, everything is so dark. How the hell can he tell up from down? It isn’t until we begin to fly over the city do I calm down enough to enjoy the moment.

“Where are we going?” I finally get around to asking.

“A private airport, not far from the corporate offices,” he replies.

I nod. That’s fine. It works out perfectly, actually since I parked my car in the company’s garage and took the shuttle to the docks. My mind is already racing. I have to figure out my next steps. I won’t bother turning on my cell once we land. Yeah, I know it will only cause more drama when I finally do, but I need these quiet moments. It’s still early enough to hit Target to buy some clothes, a few personal items, then check into a hotel. If I can sleep, tomorrow I’ll come up with a plan of attack.

I’m happy that it doesn’t take long to land. I don’t move from my spot until the copter powers down. I stiffen when Tadgh reaches over to unfasten me. All I want to do is stare at him…breathe him in. Lord, he smells so good. He’s going to be a memory I wonder if I will ever be able to shake.

“I’ll come for you,” he remarks after he leans back to stare into my eyes.

His voice so deep and husky vibrates through me. Sucking in my bottom lip, I nod. I know he’s only talking about helping me out of the door to ensure I don’t bust my ass, but I can’t stop wishing there was a deeper meaning to his words.

Every look, every word, every touch, like my hand in his…the way he holds me close as he helps to plant my feet back on solid ground… is it me that’s lingering a little too long, not wanting to let go?

Of course, it’s me, I determine.

“Thanks,” I intone.

“Let me take you home,” he offers.

He suggests with a wave of his hand towards his chauffeured car.

“You won’t have to take me that far, just to my car.”

Neither one of us speak again until we’re in motion. Being this close to him, our hands brushing every now and then due to the rocking of the vehicle…there’s a tension building that I fantasize he feels too?

“Thank you for an enjoyable evening.”

“It’s surly one for the history books,” I scoff.

I fight not to register the pure bliss I experience when Tadgh covers my hand with his to command my eyes to look at him.

“Hey, I will take all the blame,” he promises.

“I doubt it will be that simple. I’ve been living on the borrowed time of a last strike and you’re out rule,” I confess.

“What’s that mean?”

“It means being the silent daughter paid off until now. You know, that out of sight out of mind deal. I should’ve been married off a long time ago,” I finish with a shrug.

“Is that so?” he questions, narrowing his eyes. There’s a strangeness in his tone. “And your ma is okay with those old ways.”

Sliding my hand from under his, I give the driver directions to my car, and prepare to get out.

“My mother was poor when my father found her in Jamaica. Through him, she has been able to make her entire family rich. She has her own feelings that she will never voice. We are a traditional Japanese family with that Jamaican flavor. Sons are worshipped and daughters are gifts to help out, are tolerated, and are loved by their mothers. Oh, this is me,” I announce in a rush.

I can’t allow myself to look back. I can’t allow myself to dream. That’s what landed me in this mess. I open the door and get out.

“Thanks,” is all I have to say.

Shutting the door, I’m back in reality. I have to rely on myself to try to make the best out of this situation.   



I scrub my palm down my face in frustration while I watch Kimie get into her car. This is not how things are supposed to be ending between us. Not with her walking out of my life. She should be still sitting next to me as we put our middle fingers up to the world on our way to my place to fuck the night away.

“To your parents?”

I catch the reflection of my driver’s eyes in the rearview mirror.

“Might as well,” I sigh as I roll my eyes. “You know, huh?”

“Um hum,” he nods. “After seeing her though, I can’t blame you. I think I would have risked it all for a piece of that too,” he teases.

“Oh, there was no risk at all,” I remark, glancing out the window. “It was a pleasure, trust me.”

Now, do I usually share my business or thoughts with the help? Fuck no. I know what I’m doing, trust me. My driver shares more than his dick with my ma. That pillow talk has been working in my favor for years.

I chuckle at the way the car swerves in the lane. The man might wrap us around a damn pole due to the way he keeps staring at me instead of keeping his eyes on the road. A wicked grin doesn’t leave my face the entire ride. I want to give him enough to report back later.

“Good evening, sir.”


“In the library.”

My eyebrows notch at my parents’ choice of location.

“They mean business,” the doorman cautions in a whisper.

“You think I have time for a drink?” I joke.

“I wouldn’t push it,” he chuckles with a shake of his head.

Tapping him on the back, I thank him before heading off to war, which is fitting since the library was considered the ‘war room’ when it came to business. At times of trouble, the large, wooden, double doors were locked with the staff coming in and out with food and drinks until the crises had passed.

“Good evening, all,” I call to announce my presence.

Cutting my eyes, I briefly acknowledge Nicole being comforted by my ma on the sofa. I lean to the right to miss the missile my da throws at my head. The glass hits the wall to shatter into a million pieces.

“You son of a bitch,” he spits, red faced from being so worked up.

“You should know,” I drawl as I rake my gaze over my ma. “Can we move this along? I have things to do.”

I root my feet in place at the sight of my da charging me like a wild bull.

“Just know I hit back,” I warn while slipping my hands out of my pants pocket.


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