Keagan Mysteries Bundle

Keagan Mysteries Bundle



A case involving a Sex Bot, a Monster that had it coming, a slew of Suspects, and Monae's thirsty ass sister all while trying to keep his dick in his pants will make for a helluva first week. After it's all done though, Keagan will be the name lingering on everyone's lips.


Keagan McCormack is the sexy, slick talking New York Dect. that needs no introductions. Needless to say, he couldn't keep it in his pants and Monae didn't want him to. This mystery series was a stab in the dark that I'm so happy I took...and you guys supported.

Raise your Christine Gray Mug to more twists, turns, drama, and crazy ass mysteries that take a team like this one to solve.


Get your Signed copy of Case File: 01 and Mug OR Keagan Throw Pillowcase!

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