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LET ME IN, a stand-alone. 


Swore to God and the Saints that I would never be in the same room with him again. Now, this asshole isn't just breathing the same air as me, but he's invading my space. In spite of all the bullshit he and I share, why one second I want to drop kick that wise ass smirk off his face? Then in the next heartbeat, one glare from him gets my panties wet, and all I want is to LET HIM IN?

Eoin McCormac is a man at the end of his rope. An Ex-con with no hope, he takes a job which brings him face to face with the one person he never wanted to see again. Now, her so- call bodyguard and really just a glorified Nanny, he sees that he isn't the only one that life has fucked over. Gone is the girl he knew and secretly loved to be replaced by a baggage laden, foul mouth woman on a course of destruction.

When Eoin realizes that he's being played, he has the task of keeping a clear head while trying to figure out if Abril is part of the set up, when all he wants is to get wet in her luscious folds. 
Forced to breath the same air, feelings of the past are bound to strike a flame that will ignite a passion a long time coming.

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