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What have I learned along the way while loving Lynette and the kids? Take a seat, cuz its going to take a moment to unpack.

FIRST, one tiny pebble has created a wave of mess I don’t want to be dealing with. When I should be enjoying getting to know Lynette in every way, I find myself slipping…and not in the way I want to. The balance of power is shifting faster than I expected.

SECOND, trust is a hard pill. Easy to lose, and I’ll admit it feels darn near impossible to earn. I know Lynette’s keeping secrets. I know she’s throwing her punches. Her fear of past repeating has her thinking that I’ll get in my feelings once I know all. Really, me? But the more I see…the more I realize, maybe I am the jerk she thinks me to be.

AND THE THIRD, why the heck people just won’t die? How many times can Death be cheated before the beast comes back to do his damn job? I’ll tell you this, Death might be out of a position because I’m ready to wipe the slate clean myself.

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For years, Kayla worked her fingers to the bones to prove she wasn’t a helpless case. Mistakes in her youth earned her a bad reputation in her small town, but now, she’s made it. A high price hair and makeup artist on the number one sitcom has seemed to cover a multitude of sins. Posed to return home as the local celebrity, her competitive sister chooses to announce her engagement to still her shine.
Refusing to be outdone yet again by her twit of a sister, Kayla knows just what to do. What’s better than one celebrity? How about two?

Dubbed as the Hottest Gay Man on television, Cage Ramsey has every gay man wanting him and every woman wishing on their lucky star that he’ll go straight. What turned out to be a great idea of his agent to play up the gay angle to get noticed is making him millions and ensuring he goes to sleep with nothing but his pillow to keep him company. The torture of it all is being so close to the woman he’s been in love with for the past year, but not being able to tell her. Then again, Kayla seeing him as nothing but her, “Gay Bestie,” doesn’t help his case.

Willing to do anything at this moment to get Kayla to see the man behind the act, Cage agrees to go back home with her. However, he didn’t know he was signing up to be in the middle of two vengeful sisters, the town’s Mayor son determined to be the one to warm Cage’s bed, a nosy reporter hungry for a story, and Kayla’s ex trying to get his way back into her life.

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