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In and out, that’s what I told myself. I’m only here to punish her after finding out what she’s been up to off the clock. Dressed up to ensure she wouldn’t know it was me, I became a part of her fantasy. I knew from the second Gayle looked up at me, with pleading in her eyes on her knees, begging me to give her what she needed, I knew I was in trouble. Gayle fantasied about it, but she never dreamed someone like me could do her this way. The way I make her body melt away, she willingly became my pet...feeding from my hands, letting me explore every inch of her body until there is no mystery left. Gayle may call me Sir, but I think I'm the one that's slowly becoming the slave in this twisted game of pretend.


 I warned Michaela. I gave it to her straight, with no chaser. I spoke clear and slow when I told her what I am, and who I am. I even took her on a ride along to show her what she was committing to. I needed her to understand what she was messing with…that I’m a monster. Underneath all this skin and bones, is a living, breathing demon. Money, clothes, good conversation, and good sex won’t change what I am. With each warning, all my pushing away, her crazy self just kept on coming.


Okay. Now that I’ve finally accepted her love, these fools think to snatch it away? 



I know she isn’t back to start again. Nah, if Billie cheated death, she’s here to deliver my cursed ass to the deepest pit of hell, which I deserve. It doesn’t matter that I’ve mourned our love all these centuries or that I’ve been searching between every pair of legs I’ve bent back during that time in hopes of catching a glimpse of the true love I found with her.

Now, sitting here in Danjal office, I wait while racking my brain trying to figure out how I’m gonna flip this situation.

So, 30 days to make this work. 30 days for the bond between Billie and I to strengthen to the point of madness. 30 freakn’ days to make Billie mine.

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